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Voice Over Clients Are Not Voice Over Coaches

When you hire a professional to carry out any job, you expect that they are going to be trained and complete the task to your satisfaction. After all, you are paying them. They are remunerating  a professional to do something specific as directed in a professional manner.

It is no different when a voice over client employs the services of a voice over talent.

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Voice Acting Auditions – The Starting Point or The Finish Line?

The Voice Realm voice actor Bob, writes this short blog post for us.

If you like what you hear, the talent has saved the audio of the demo and can provide that.

But, if inundated with voice over demos, and when it’s difficult to decide which is best, know that in my case (and others), the audition is only the starting point.

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Tips For A Faster Session When Working With Voice Talent

Ever wondered how you could make your dealings with a professional voice talent smoother and more successful? The Voice Realm voice talent Marc has some advice.

You’ve got your vision. You’ve written your script. You’ve auditioned voice talent. You’ve picked your winner. Now it’s time to get down to business. It’s time to take that vision and make it a reality. Produce that commercial. Create that video. Update that phone system.

You’re ready to record.

Now what?

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Voice Over Client’s Experience Casting A Voice Talent Online

Blog post written by The Voice Realm client Dominic White about his experience using the site to have his Sundance film entry narrated.

DSKNECTD is a documentary about communication in the digital age. If you’ve ever had to compete for the attention of a friend preoccupied with texting. If you’ve ever seen an entire evening slip away trolling through Facebook status updates. If you’ve ever wondered if something fundamental is changing about the way we communicate with each other. This documentary is for you.

DSKNECTD explores the promise and problems associated with digital communication. But it was also a documentary with a problem of its own. My name is Dominic White, the filmmaker behind DSKNECTD. And this is the story of how The Voice Realm came to my rescue in the proverbial ‘nick of time.’

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Find a Voice Actor Online – The Easy Way

So you’ve decided you want to present your brand or business to clients as the leader of the pack, the best of the best, and above all, professional. You want to present the image that your product or service is superior to any other choice they may have.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to pay a fortune to have the same voice actors that you hear on radio and television commercials record for your business.

Forget about having the receptionist record your phone messages, or the sales manager awkwardly try and sound like a customer.

In this short guide we’ll give you the basics of what you need to know when hiring a voice over actor online.

Some tips to ensure everything goes smoothly and stays within budget, and how you can have these same voices record for you for free. Yep, that’s right free!

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Hiring A Voice? A Quick Tip For More Conversational Scripts

“We DO NOT want you to sound like an ANNOUNCER!”

How many times have you read or wrote that in audition instructions before?

The Voice Realm Professional Voice Talent Marc gives us perspective from his side of the microphone.

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How to Get the Best Recording from a Voiceover Talent

So you’re about to give a voice over talent a run down on how to read your script. You’ve listened to plenty of auditions and you know that he or she has the right sound for the job. How do you steer them in the right direction without over-directing, being vague, or just generally overcomplicating things.

Here’s 7 steps you should follow to make sure the recording session goes smoothly and you get the file back sooner with less re-records.

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