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By: L. Nefarius, M.B. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, University of Utah School of Medicine

Patient may be switched to sustained-release capsules at nearest equivalent daily dosage of immediaterelease capsules childhood arthritis definition buy on line indocin, starting with 30 mg P arthritis simple definition cheap indocin 75 mg on-line. Cimetidine: increased nifedipine blood level Cyclosporine: increased cyclosporine blood level Fentanyl anesthesia: increased hypotension Drug-food arthritis in my feet and hands order 25mg indocin with mastercard. Grapefruit arthritis in neck with bone spurs buy indocin 75 mg fast delivery, grapefruit juice: increased drug blood level and effects High-fat meal (sustained-release form): decreased drug blood level Drug-herbs. Alcohol use: additive hypotension, increased drowsiness or dizziness 2Advise patient to immediately report chest pain or blood pressure drop. Instruct patient to consult prescriber before drinking alcohol or taking herbs or over-the-counter drugs (especially cold remedies). Patient teaching Tell patient he may take immediaterelease capsules without regard to meals. Instruct him to take them with meals, but not with high-fat meals, grapefruit, or grapefruit juice. Binds selectively to nicotinic-cholinergic receptors in central and peripheral nervous systems, autonomic ganglia, adrenal medulla, and neuromuscular junction. Or 15 mg/day transdermally (one Nicotrol patch) for 6 weeks; patient must wear system 16 hours/day, removing it at bedtime. Adults, adolescents, and children weighing less than 45 kg (100 lb) who smoke fewer than 10 cigarettes daily or have underlying cardiovascular disease: 14 mg/day transdermally (Habitrol) for 4 to 8 weeks, then 7 mg/ day for 2 to 4 weeks, for a total of 6 to 8 weeks; patient must wear system 24 hours/day. Patient self-titrates dosage to required nicotine level (usually 6 to 16 cartridges daily), followed by gradual withdrawal over 6 to 12 weeks. Chewing gum- Adults: Use as needed depending on smoking urge or chewing rate, or use on fixed schedule q 1 to 2 hours. Contraindications Hypersensitivity to drug or its components or to menthol (inhaler only) Allergy to adhesive (transdermal forms only) Precautions Use cautiously in: cardiovascular disease, hypertension, bronchospastic disease, diabetes mellitus, pheochromocytoma, peripheral vascular disease, hyperthyroidism, peptic ulcer disease, hepatic disease immediately after myocardial infarction, severe arrhythmia, or severe or worsening angina (use not recommended) skin disorders (transdermal form) dental disorders, esophagitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis (gum form) females of childbearing age pregnant or breastfeeding patients. Administration Apply patch when patient awakens and remove patch (as prescribed) at same time each day. Administer nasal spray regularly during first week, to help patient get used to irritant effects. Hazardous drug High alert drug nicotine 821 Encourage patient to titrate dosage to level required, followed by gradual withdrawal. Caffeine-containing foods and beverages: increased nicotine effects Drug-behaviors. Acetaminophen, adrenergic antagonists (such as prazosin, labetalol), clozapine, furosemide, imipramine, oxazepam, pentazocine, propranolol and other beta-adrenergic blockers, theophylline: increased effects of these drugs Reactions in bold are life-threatening. If patient uses gum, advise him to chew one piece whenever nicotine craving occurs. Instruct him to chew it slowly until he feels a tingling sensation, then store it between cheek and gum until tingling disappears. Instruct patient to apply transdermal patch to clean, dry skin of upper arm or torso when he awakens; to keep it in place when showering, bathing, or swimming; and to remove it at same time each day. If patient uses nasal spray, instruct him to tilt head back slightly when spraying. If patient uses inhalation form, teach him to puff continuously for 20 minutes and to use at least six cartridges daily for first 3 to 6 weeks. As appropriate, review all significant and life-threatening adverse reactions 2Clinical alert Patient teaching n 822 nifedipine and interactions, especially those related to the drugs, foods, and behaviors mentioned above. Patient may be switched to extendedrelease at nearest equivalent of immediate-release daily dosage (for instance, 30-mg immediate-release dose may be switched to 90-mg extended-release dose). Action Inhibits calcium transport into myocardial and vascular smooth muscle cells, suppressing contractions. Dilates main coronary arteries and arterioles and inhibits coronary artery spasm, increasing oxygen delivery to heart and decreasing frequency and severity of angina attacks. Onset 20 min Peak Duration Unknown 6-8 hr 12 hr 24 hr 823 Patient monitoring Monitor vital signs and cardiovascular status. Caution patient to avoid driving and other hazardous activities until he knows how drug affects concentration, balance, and alertness. Instruct patient to consult prescriber before taking herbs or over-the-counter drugs (especially cold remedies). Beta-adrenergic blockers: increased risk of heart failure, severe hypotension, or angina exacerbation Cimetidine: increased nifedipine blood level Coumarin anticoagulants: increased prothrombin time Digoxin: increased risk of digoxin toxicity Quinidine: decreased quinidine blood level Drug-diagnostic tests.

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Chlorine poisoning is characterised by severe irritation of the respiratory passage leading to pulmonary edema rheumatoid arthritis genetic testing order indocin australia, and by metabolic acidosis arthritis pain relief cats indocin 25mg free shipping. Solutions of hypochlorous acid are corrosive to aluminium rheumatoid arthritis knee icd 9 indocin 50mg with visa, stainless steel and silver rheumatoid arthritis onset age buy generic indocin 50mg line. Preparations: (i) Chlorinated lime and boric acid solution (Eusol) is prepared by dissolving 1. The solution is irritating and should, therefore, be diluted with saline before using on denuded surfaces. It is the most potent bactericidal agent and in addition, also possesses high sporicidal, fungicidal, amoebicidal and a moderate viricidal activity Its germicidal activity is less. However, like chlorine, its activity is inhibited by reducing agents and organic material, whereas it is enhanced by alcohol. In rare cases, it causes severe reactions, such as bronchospasm, fever and skin eruptions. Treatment consists of gastric lavage with a solution of soluble starch or 5% sodium thiosulfate, and correction of dehydration. Preparations: (i) Strong iodine tincture contains 10% w/v of iodine, 6% w/v of potassium iodide, and 1% w/v of water in 90% alcohol. Uses: Iodine tincture may be employed for disinfection of skin prior to surgery Iodine. Iodine 1:20,000 solution is bactericidal in one minute and kills spores in 15 minutes. Iodine ointments are used as counterirritants and have also been used locally as fungicides in the treatment of ringworm. Iodinated hydroxyquinolines are used in amoebiasis and as topical antifungal agents. The use of iodides as expectorants and in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis is described elsewhere. The detergents act as solubilisers and carriers, combining detergent property with antibacterial activity They are sporicidal on. Compared to aqueous or tincture iodine, iodophors are non-irritating, non-staining, water-miscible in all dilutions, are less toxic and non-sensitising to the skin. The iodophors available are: (i) Povidone-iodine 5% (Betadine): A complex of iodine with polyvinyl pyrrolidone, available as solution, ointment and eye-drops. Uses: Iodophors are now commonly used as mouth and hand washes, for preoperative skin preparation, as local antiseptics, in ringworm and in oral and vaginal moniliasis. Iodophors may also be used for disinfection of operation rooms, wards, nurseries, etc. It is a potent oxidiser and owes its action to its ready release of nascent oxygen, when applied to tissues. Vapour phase H2O2 is a cold gaseous sterilant and can be used as a substitute for formaldehyde. Its application causes an effervescence which mechanically removes the tissue debris from other wise inaccessible regions. It does not combine with tissue proteins and its degradation product is non-toxic. Peracetic acid prepared from H2O2 is a more potent bactericidal and sporicidal agent used in food processing industry. Uses: It is used for: (i) Cleansing wounds and abscesses (ii) Removal of adhering dressings (iii) Irrigation (iv) Cleaning septic sockets and root canals In dentistry (v) Gargling as mouth wash and as deodorant (when diluted with 3 to 8 parts of water); and (vi) Softening of ear wax Other peroxides: these include magnesium peroxide and the commonly used zinc peroxide. It releases nascent oxygen, leaving behind zinc oxide, which has a mild astringent action. It is applied locally as a 40% suspension for disinfecting, deodorising, and promoting healing of burns and wounds contaminated with anaerobic bacteria. Preparations: (i) Potassium permanganate occurs as dark purple crystals, having a metallic lustre.

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