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By: E. Fedor, M.B. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Muzzle Energy: Amount of energy of the bullet at the muzzle expressed in foot pounds (Fp) erectile dysfunction in a young male purchase malegra dxt without prescription. The terms "penetrating" and "perforating" apply to missile wounds as well as stab wounds erectile dysfunction news cheap 130mg malegra dxt with visa. In a penetrating missile wound impotent rage cheap 130 mg malegra dxt with amex, the projectile is retained within the anatomic region or in organ or the tissue involved; in a perforating missile wound erectile dysfunction with age cheap malegra dxt 130 mg overnight delivery, the projectile is not retained. Powder: Two basic types Black Powder: Mixture of 10 parts sulfur, 15 parts charcoal and 75 parts potassium nitrate by weight; presently used in muzzle loading rifles and shotguns and cap and ball pistols; ignitable by shock, friction, or spark. Smokeless Powder: High-energy chemical compound that requires a high kindling temperature for" ignition; does not ignite form shock or friction; grains usually ballshaped or tubular; burns rather than explodes; rate of burn increases with confinement. Two types - Single base smokeless powder: Double base smokeless powder: nitrocellulose. Rifling: Spiral grooves, parallel-cut or engraved on the inner surface of the barrel; sometimes formed by forcing a tungsten carbide steel button in the negative image of the rifling through the bore by hydraulic pressures; primarily to impart to bullet a rotation or spin around its own axis in order to keep it gyroscopically straight or point-first, and secondarily to retain the bullet in the barrel to await more complete combustion of the propellant. Squib Load: Defective load that does not impart full propulsive power to the projectile; hence bullet fired has less destructive effect. Striker: Firing pin or part of the action that strikes the firing pin found in hammerless firearms. Velocity: Speed of a projectile in feet-per-second (fps); important in determining trajectory, stopping power, and extreme range. Low velocity for bullet fired from a rifled firearm is from 600 to 1750 fps, high velocity form 1750 to over 3000 fps. Yaw: Deviation between the long axis of the bullet and the axis of the path of the bullet; can cause keyhole entry wound. Two types: Nose Yaw: Nose of bullet spinning around the axis of flight; variable causes such as defect in bullet and imperfect seating of bullet in case; tends to increase in flight, eventually causing bullet to tumble. Base of bullet spinning around the axis of flight; variable causes such as excessive velocity, wrong combination of rifling twist, and bullet weight. Photograph and sketch Examine and move body carefully, preserve evidence; may be brittle due to heat Sift debris under body for evidence or identification Clothes, cloths smelling of accelerates should be collected and placed in a clean, airtight container 2. Fire investigation: fire, police, or both Death investigation: police Forensic pathologist Toxicologist Radiologist Odontologist Anthropologist D. Skin will char; soft tissue will remain because of the significant percentage of water in tissues. Two out of three fatalities in fires are the result of asphyxiation caused by the replacement of life-sustaining air with toxic gases. Soot deposit in larynx and trachea indicates the victim was alive at the time of the fire. Carbon monoxide combines with the hemoglobin of the blood and forms a complex called carboxyhemoglobin. Carboxyhemoglobin restricts the amount of oxygen carried by the blood to the tissues of the body, resulting in asphyxiation. Defective heating equipment Engine exhaust Industrial processes, unintentional or deliberate Fires involving structures, clothing, or furniture Everyone is exposed to some degree of carbon monoxide. In the atmosphere Urban areas-high levels of automotive exhaust Factories Tobacco smokers-as much as 5 % Physiological effects of carbon monoxide 1. Victim breathes in excessive levels of carbon monoxide rapidly, even after unconsciousness. Significance: Victim with minimal % of carbon monoxide indicates a long exposure to relatively low concentration of gas; victim with high % of carbon monoxide indicates a much shorter exposure to a high concentration of gas. Victims: children, very young (elementary school or younger) Fires occur at night or early in the morning when the children are sleeping Crime scene may be staged: children may have already been killed and then placed in bed, etc. Flammable liquid frequently used-crucial to case Escape route blocked-perpetrator thinks fire will destroy all 3. Families usually known to social service agencies, indicating lack of income Homes were rented or mobile homes, apartments, etc. Ideally, the most effective means of investigating fires is the fully integrated police/fire investigative team. Integral to the fire investigation team concept, is the qualified and experienced fire investigator.


  • Severe symptoms or symptoms that do not go away
  • Body builders: Because muscle weighs more than fat, people who are very muscular may have a high BMI.
  • Do NOT put your infant or young child to bed with a bottle of milk, juice, or sugar water. Use only water for bedtime bottles.
  • Oxygen
  • Blood test for recurrent strep infection (such as an ASO test)
  • Jumpiness or shakiness
  • Fractured ribs, especially in the back
  • A mask fits over the nose. A tube connects the mask to the CPAP device.
  • Mental changes or confusion *
  • Hypothyroidism

Several studies have examined the influence of inhalation exposure to manganese sulfate on biochemical end points associated with oxidative stress or inflammation in the brain of rats (Erikson et al impotence quotes order 130mg malegra dxt free shipping. This suggests that impaired sexual function in men may be one of the earliest clinical manifestations of manganism erectile dysfunction middle age buy on line malegra dxt, but no dose-response information was presented so it is not possible to define a threshold for this effect erectile dysfunction statistics us malegra dxt 130 mg mastercard. The men impotence pump buy generic malegra dxt 130mg line, from six different factories, performed milling, smeltering, and sintering duties for up to 35 years. The geometric mean airborne manganese concentration (assumed to be total dust) was 0. The researchers found no significant differences in reproductive outcomes between exposed and control workers (controls were matched for several factors, including age, smoking, personal hygiene, living habits, and cultural background). Impotence and lack of sexual desire were higher in the exposed group than in the controls (Jiang et al. Matched controls consisted of 99 men who were employed in the same occupation and from the same area, but were not exposed to manganese or other reproductive toxins. Manganese fume concentrations varied; the mechanical welders were exposed to a concentration of 0. Welders in shipbuilding had decreased sperm viability levels that were significantly different from controls (p<0. Manganese concentrations in semen were significantly increased compared to controls in the mechanical welders; copper, nickel, chromium, and iron concentrations were also elevated in semen in welders in both mechanical and shipbuilding careers. Further, stepwise regression analysis of the impact of these other metals on the measured reproductive parameters indicated that the higher the nickel concentration, the lesser the semen volume and the greater the number of deformed sperm. Copper in the seminal fluid was also positively linked with the viable sperm percentage, sperm viability and number of sperm. Results from a questionnaire answered by the workers and controls in the study and from analysis of birthrates of exposed and control workers revealed no difference in birthrates between the groups. These results in human studies reveal conflicting evidence for whether occupational exposure to manganese causes adverse reproductive effects. Effects reported may occur as a secondary result of neurotoxicity but do not provide information on any direct effect manganese may have on the reproductive organs. Intratracheal instillation studies in rabbits indicate that single high doses of manganese (158 mg/kg, as manganese dioxide) can cause severe degenerative changes in the seminiferous tubules and lead to sterility (Chandra et al. This effect did not occur immediately, but developed slowly over the course of 4­8 months following the exposure. Direct damage to the testes has not been reported in humans occupationally exposed for longer periods, suggesting that this effect may not be of concern under these exposure circumstances. However, it is unclear if specific studies to investigate possible testicular damage have been performed. None of the studies located reported adverse effects in female animals following inhalation exposure to manganese. In a report of a study of tissue manganese concentrations in lactating rats and their offspring following exposure to manganese sulfate aerosols at 0, 0. No studies were located concerning reproductive effects following inhalation exposure to organic manganese compounds in humans or animals. The incidences of neurological disorders, birth defects, and stillbirths were elevated in a small population of people living on an island where there were rich manganese deposits (Kilburn 1987). However, no conclusions could be reached on the causes of either the neurological effects or the increased incidence of birth defects and stillbirths because there were insufficient exposure data. Control data were not provided, and the study population was too small for meaningful statistical analysis. Although inhalation exposure was not ruled out, the route of exposure was assumed to be primarily oral. No statistically significant associations were found for increasing performance deficits with increasing hair concentrations, but a statistically significant association was found for finger tapping deficits with increasing manganese blood concentrations. The results provide suggestive evidence of an association between environmental exposure of children to manganese and impaired cognitive abilities, but are inadequate to establish causal relationships due to the cross-sectional design and inability to control for possible confounding factors. The study of motor function did not find clear and consistent evidence for motor function deficits in these children. The study involved exposing dams and non-pregnant female mice to either filtered air or manganese at an average concentration of 61 mg/m3 (as manganese dioxide) 7 hours/day, 5 days/week, for 16 weeks prior to conception. The authors then exposed the mice to either air or manganese post-conception, irrespective of preconception exposure.

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Some data on neurological or other health effects in humans from repeated or chronic oral intake of manganese exist (Bouchard et al impotence webmd generic 130 mg malegra dxt free shipping. The majority of these studies are limited by uncertainties in the exposure routes erectile dysfunction treatment nj generic 130mg malegra dxt with visa, total exposure levels erectile dysfunction doctor in bangalore buy discount malegra dxt 130 mg on line, duration of exposure erectile dysfunction medications over the counter purchase malegra dxt with paypal, or the influence of other confounding factors; none of these studies adequately assessed daily dietary manganese intake. No studies or anecdotal reports were located that described cancer associated with exposure of humans to inorganic manganese. Though no studies of carcinogenesis involving mangafodipir exposure were identified, there are no data needs regarding this end point with this compound. One study was located regarding the genotoxic effects of inorganic manganese in humans. An increase in chromosomal aberrations was observed in welders exposed to manganese; however, the welders were also exposed to nickel (known to cause chromosomal aberrations) and iron, so the observed increase could not be attributed solely to manganese (Elias et al. Some in vivo studies in fruit flies and rats have been negative (Dikshith and Chandra 1978; Rasmuson 1985; Valencia et al. In vitro studies in bacteria, yeast, and cultured mammalian cells have yielded mixed, but mainly positive, results (Casto et al. Additional studies, especially in cultured mammalian cells, heritable cell types, or in lymphocytes from exposed humans, would be valuable in clarifying the genotoxic potential of manganese. Men who are exposed to manganese dust in workplace air report decreased libido and impotency (Emara et al. In addition, studies in animals indicate that manganese can cause direct damage to the testes (Chandra et al. Results from such studies may provide definitive exposure-response data on reproductive function. Additional studies in animals are needed to determine whether the testes are damaged directly from exposure to manganese. Data from studies in female animals indicate that manganese can cause post-implantation loss when administered through both oral and subcutaneous exposure routes in female mice and rats (Colomina et al. To establish more clearly whether or not this is a human health concern, two types of studies would be valuable. First, single-generation reproductive studies of female animals exposed by the inhalation route could be done. Then, if strong evidence for concern is found in animals from these studies, epidemiological studies that included women and men exposed in the workplace would be valuable to assess the effects of manganese on reproductive function. There is a growing body of human data on potential developmental effects of excess manganese, although these studies are generally confined to studies of neurodevelopmental effects as observed in children. The incidences of stillbirths and malformations have been studied in an Australian aboriginal population living on an island where environmental levels of manganese are high (Kilburn 1987), but small population size and lack of data from a suitable control group preclude determining whether reported incidence of developmental abnormalities is higher than average. Similarly, Spangler and Spangler (2009) reported increased infant mortality rates in counties in North Carolina with higher groundwater manganese concentrations after accounting for such confounders as low birth weight, economic status, education, and ethnicity. However, these studies did not report data on either lengths of exposure to the metal or on excess manganese intake compared to control areas. More recent investigations include epidemiological studies that have detected altered behavioral and cognitive performance among children exposed to excess levels of manganese in their local drinking water (Bouchard et al. These results suggest the neurotoxic potential of excessive manganese exposure to children, but these studies have uncertainties that preclude the establishment of causal relationships between the observed effects and manganese exposure. The studies are limited in their ability to address several important concerns, such as whether manganese alone is responsible for the observed effects and the contribution of dietary manganese levels as well as inhalation exposure levels and small sample sizes. Studies evaluating developmental effects with clear analysis of exposure levels and duration are needed to estimate dose-response relationships of manganese toxicity in children. Several developmental studies have been performed in animals, but they are mainly limited to rodent species and have measured limited developmental end points. One study in pregnant mice that inhaled manganese resulted in decreased pup weight and a transient increase in activity (Lown et al. Other studies have indicated that oral exposure to manganese adversely affects reproductive development in male mice (Gray and Laskey 1980) and rats (Laskey et al. A single study on rats involving oral exposure indicated that manganese caused a transient decrease in pup weight and increased activity (Pappas et al. Another study involving gavage dosing reported skeletal abnormalities in unborn pups, but these effects were resolved in pups allowed to grow to 100 days of age (Szakmбry et al. Several studies have shown neurochemical changes in offspring of dams exposed to increased manganese concentrations (Lai et al.

Persistent vomiting or food refusal may require tube feeding (although this is rare) impotence guidelines discount malegra dxt online amex. Management of congenital heart disease is as per the general population erectile dysfunction causes infertility generic malegra dxt 130mg on-line, however a dysplastic valve is more likely and therefore surgery may be more likely to be necessary impotence supplements purchase malegra dxt overnight. Routine paediatric investigations for failure to thrive and reduced growth velocity erectile dysfunction over 75 order 130mg malegra dxt with amex. Should be considered in the context of genetic management-which genes are tested for should be decided by a clinical geneticist. Management of congenital heart disease is as per the general population, however a dysplastic valve is more likely and surgery may be more likely to be necessary. Should be carried out at least once during mid/late childhood (5-11 years old), and before major surgery. Aspirin should be withheld before any surgical interventions, as per standard practice. Assess intellectual/cognitive abilities with special attention for learning difficulties as a result of motor delay, executive dysfunctions and inattention. Developmental delay caused by hypotonia will improve with occupational and physiotherapy. Ongoing review and support of learning and development with further assessment of special educational needs as required. Frequent vomiting should prompt investigation for gastro-oesophageal reflux and malrotation. Enrol patient in an individualised preventative oral healthcare programme from an early age. Missing teeth/malocclusion/other dental anomalies: refer to a consultant in paediatric dentistry for multidisciplinary management. The likelihood of delayed puberty should be anticipated, and appropriate education and counselling provided around this issue. Access to social skills training, and programmes to teach basic self help and daily living skills, if required. No routine screening is recommended, however there should be a low threshold for investigation of neurological symptoms. Routine follow up and regular dental examinations by a family dentist or local community dental services are essential. Refer for genetic counselling, mutation testing and discussion of risks to children and options in pregnancy, at an appropriate time. Prenatal features include; polyhydramnios, increased nuchal translucency, hydrops fetalis and cystic hygroma, with or without associated ascites, pleural effusion, renal abnormalities and congenital heart defects. Ultrasounds at 12-14 and 20 weeks and undertake mutation analysis if parental mutation known and clinical features are suggestive, if required. Potential difficulties, for example those arising from coagulation defects during childbirth, should be considered and planned for as appropriate. Repeat neuropsychological assessment if patient is symptomatic of mood/anxiety disorder(s), or if cognitive impairments are suspected. Management of specific complications, including epilepsy, will be as per the general population. Screen before any surgical intervention, and withhold aspirin prior to surgery, as per standard practice. Previously diagnosed adults: regular cardiac assessment of existing heart disease, or cardiac evaluation incase aortic disease missed previously. Avoid skin dryness, which can be worsened by long hot baths, perfumed soaps and dry atmospheres. Missing teeth/malocclusion/other dental anomalies: refer to a consultant in dentistry for multidisciplinary management. A case with a platelet cyclooxygenase-like deficiency and chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

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