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By: A. Avogadro, MD

Clinical Director, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

Direct injection of microorganisms is possible if the skin is punctured with dirty instruments or if the skin has a lesion that comes into contact with contaminated instruments antibiotic in food discount ivexterm 3 mg with amex. D/Health care staff the possibility of exposure to infection of health care professionals that have direct contact with patients is always present infection no fever ivexterm 3 mg. Hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water after visiting each patient to minimize the chance of spreading harmful infection or organisms from patient to patient virus vs disease buy discount ivexterm 3mg on line. Gowns antibiotics for cats discount 3 mg ivexterm overnight delivery, masks and caps must be worn whenever necessary and removed before entering clean areas such as rest areas and lunchrooms. E/Dietary Staffs involved in food preparation are exposed to infection from infectious agents such as salmonella, botulism, amoeba and staphylococcus, which can result from contact with raw fish, meat, and some vegetables contaminated by sewage or human waste or dirty water. Primary prevention against infection or contamination of the food include: Proper handling of food products (raw or cooked) Use clean hands and garments in the food processing areas No skin lesion of the food handlers Refrigeration of the food products at a safe temperature level in order to prevent growth of bacteria. There are three types of relationships in terms of disease transmission between humans and animals. These are: Disease of vertebrate animals transmissible to human and other animals (Zoonosis) Disease of humans transmissible to other animals (Anthropozooonois) Disease of vertebrate animals chiefly transmissible to humans (Zooanthroponosis) Zoonosis It consists of viral, bacterial, rickettsial, fungal, protozoal, and helminthic disease. Among the most important through out the world are: Anthrax, brucellosis, tetanus, encephalitis, leptospirosis, rabies, and salmonellosis. The infection could enter the body through inhalation, ingestion, or through the skin or mucus membrane. Avoid eating, drinking, smoking and gum chewing in biohazard areas Wearing personal protective equipment is always advisable. Biological safety cabinet To protect workers from exposure to aerosols especially when there is contact with biohazards in laundry activities. Animal care and handling Periodic examination, disposal of manure, cleanliness, collection of medical history and treatment. Ergonomists also consider the speed with which humans react and how they process information, and their capacities for dealing with psychological factors, such as stress or isolation. Armed with this complete picture of humans interact with their environment, ergonomists develop the best possible design for products and systems, ranging from the handle of a toothbrush to the flight deck of the space shuttle. Ergonomists view people and the objects they use as one unit, and ergonomic design blends the best abilities of people and machines. Humans are not as strong as machines, nor can they calculate as quickly and accurately as computers. Unlike machines, humans need to sleep, and they are subject to illness, accidents, or making mistakes when working without adequate rest. But machines are also limited-cars cannot repair themselves, computers do not speak or hear as people do, and machines cannot adapt to unexpected situations as humans. An ergonomically designed system provides optimum performance because it takes advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of both its human and machine components. In general, ergonomics deals with the interaction between humans and such additional environmental elements such as heat, light, sound, atmospheric contaminants and all tools and equipment 85 Occupational Health and Safety pertaining to the work place. Ergonomics or the proper designing of work systems based on human factors has the following advantages: 1. To ensure a continuous high level performance, work system must be tailored to human capacities and limitations measured by anthropometry and biomechanics. Repetitive tasks and static muscular load are found in many industrial and service occupations. In particular, the growing numbers of elderly workers and the female workforce require constant vigilance from those responsible for the work organization. Local perceptions about ergonomics in many countries have not captured headlines in the newspapers. However safe and hygienic workplaces contribute to sustainable development and this issue can be raised through proper media exposure.

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Communication experts estimate that only 10 percent of our communication involves the words we speak antibiotics with anaerobic coverage order genuine ivexterm. Another 30 percent is represented by how we speak virus 84 buy cheap ivexterm on line, and 60 percent by our body language antibiotics jaw pain buy cheap ivexterm 3 mg online. In other words antibiotic long term side effects best purchase for ivexterm, we obtain a great deal of information about each other without saying a word. Even over the telephone, you can learn almost as much about a person from the tone and cadence of his/her voice than from anything being said. Face-to-face with a person, it is possible to detect enthusiasm, boredom, or irritation very quickly in the expression around the eyes, the set of the mouth, or the position of the arms. For example, if you realize you are not listening attentively, physically move forward in your seat, or, if standing, toward the speaker if David Kolzow 142 possible. However, they can become particularly meaningful if they are part of a cluster and indicate the thinking of the speaker or the response of the listener. Cues as part of a pattern can furnish feedback concerning how you are progressing toward getting your message across. For example, the speaker may be frowning because he has a headache, while you may think he is displeased with something you said. When verbal and nonverbal messages contradict, people tend to believe the nonverbal ones. If you want to send messages effectively, be sure your verbal and nonverbal behaviors are consistent. Go through the following checklist to determine if you have any posture or movement issues that can negatively impact your communication. Yes No Posture or movement Do you lean back on one hip when you are talking in a small group Are your shoulders in a straight line or do they curve inwards towards your chest An effective communicator is someone who has real empathy for those being communicated with. The difference between an empathic listener and others is the attempt to understand how the other person thinks and feels as the communication is occurring. If one is listening with empathy, you should be processing what the other person is saying, how they are saying it, and what their body language is really telling you. Again, you are listening so that you can understand what is being communicated, and people communicate so that they can be understood. Empathy is the ability to see as another sees, hear as another hears, and feel as another feels. But empathy always retains the "as I understand your Carl Rogers, "Communication: Its Blocking and Its Facilitation," in Communication Concepts and Processes, ed. Empathy, then, is the capacity to put oneself in the shoes of others and understand their "personal world of meaning" - how they view their reality and how they feel about things. A person who feels empathetically understood by someone is very generally receptive to a relationship with that individual. Whether you are making a deal or settling a dispute, differences are defined by the difference between your thinking and theirs. Ultimately, it is "reality" as each side sees it that is the primary problem in resolving a conflict or carrying out a negotiation. When we are seeking to influence some decision by the other side, it helps to begin by asking ourselves what decisions we would like the other side to make (and then consider what we might do to make that decision more likely). Such phrases as "you seem to be really frustrated" or "I sense disappointment," indicate an attempt to be more empathetic. Emotions and emotional sensitivity are also important to our effectiveness in problem-solving. We would like our actions to be well reasoned and make sense, but no successful relationship is free of emotions. In fact, without appropriate emotions - including some caring by each side for the Roger Fisher and William Ury. However, when strong emotions overwhelm reason, the ability to deal with differences between two or more parties will be significantly impaired. If we know that emotions play a large role in the outcome of a negotiation or dispute, it only makes sense to think as much about ways to influence the emotional state in a communication as we would think about other communication strategies.

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To decrease death and hospitalization due to motor vehicle occupant injuries bacteria killing light cheap ivexterm 3 mg line, children need to be correctly restrained in car seats antibiotics for cellulitis discount ivexterm 3 mg line, booster seats or safety belts infection nursing diagnosis discount 3 mg ivexterm amex. To reduce motor vehicle/pedestrian and motor vehicle/pedal cyclist injuries infection on face buy cheap ivexterm 3mg line, policy, system change and public education strategies need to be implemented. Some of the communication efforts discussed keeping an infant rear facing to age 2, managing children who escape from child restraints, and the importance of car seats and booster seats for children over 40 pounds. Throughout the year, car seat checkup events were also used to share educational materials regarding heatstroke prevention (Never Leave Your Child Alone in the Car), the Oregon law against smoking in vehicles with children, and toddler driveway safety (Spot the Tot). Through events, local Safe Kids coalitions provided safety information, distributed bike helmets and provided education to motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists on sharing the road. This group produced the Oregon Pedestrian Safety Policy and Systems Change Strategies 2012-2015 report in 2012. Strategies that impact the health and safety children/youth as pedestrians and new drivers are being monitored. Information on occupant, pedestrian and bike safety issues will be posted on the Safe Kids Oregon webpage monthly and in the summer newsletter edition. The mini-grants funded by the Pedestrian Injury Prevention Action Team will be completed by 8/31/15. Grantees and the Action Team will participate in the project evaluation through 12/31/15. Oregon has been a Medicaid expansion state and our rates of uninsured Oregonians dropped from 17 percent to 5 percent with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. In September, 2013 there were approximately 432,000 Oregonians on Medicaid, most of whom were women and children. By February 2015, that number had increased by 69 percent to 1,058,414 (. In Oregon, Title V funds a program called Oregon MothersCare to ensure early access to prenatal care for pregnant women. Public health departments have embraced their role as Medicaid enrollment assisters, providing guidance and support to their uninsured clients, both pregnant women and their children. Local Title V funded maternal and child health programs and services will continue to assure that clients and families are informed about health insurance coverage options, and assist families with referrals and application assistance Page 82 of 264 pages as needed. A tool, Promoting Healthy Weight and Development in Early Childhood was created and shared with public health and local partners to engage in community-wide, public health strategies that support healthy behaviors throughout the life span. Lower fat (2%) milk will only be available for underweight children 2-5 years old. Staff will be trained on enhancing nutrition assessment so that appropriate and targeted nutrition education and referrals can be provided to support healthy weight and respond to appropriate hunger and feeding cues. Oregon continues to have high rates of hunger and food insecurity, and identifying families at risk and addressing hunger is a key strategy in prevention of childhood obesity. The challenge is to work with existing resources to address the root causes of hunger while the opportunity is to strengthen partnerships, community awareness and resources to work together to address hunger. State Priority Needs High quality, confidential, preventive health services for adolescents Objectives Increase the accessibility, quality and utilization of adolescent well visits. Performance measure: Percent of adolescents with a preventive services visit in the last year. By September 2015 recruit local partners to participate in Title V priority teams. Summarize information about barriers and contributing factors to accessibility, quality and utilization of adolescent well visits. Analyze and summarize available data (Oregon and/or national) on adolescent well visits including demographics and characteristics of populations at risk. Conduct a review of evidence-based/informed strategies and measures related to adolescent well visits, their cost, effectiveness for different populations, etc. Collaborate with partner organizations and local Healthy Communities funded counties in their work with schools and districts to improve nutrition and physical activity for students and staff and implement school wellness policies. The original bill was amended to a "confidential communication request" and is currently in the Senate. An Office Report Tool was developed to assess changes in clinic practices and policies as it relates to the well visit, screening for substance use and depression, and follow up.

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The American Lung Association has long funded vital research to discover the causes and seek improved treatments for those suffering with lung disease virus facebook best 3 mg ivexterm. We are the foremost defender of the Clean Air Act and laws that protect citizens from secondhand smoke bacteria acne ivexterm 3mg lowest price. The Lung Association teaches children the dangers of tobacco use and helps teenage and adult smokers overcome addiction bacteria in the stomach buy ivexterm 3mg without prescription. We help children and adults living with lung disease to improve their quality of life bacteria 365 days plague inc buy ivexterm master card. With your generous support, the American Lung Association is "Improving life, one breath at a time. Hematology encompasses the study of blood Included in its concerns are cells and coagulation. Mankind probably has always been interested in the blood, since primitive man realized that loss of blood, if sufficiently great, was associated with death. And in Biblical references, "to shed blood" was a term used in the Before the days of microscopy only the gross appearance of the blood could be studied. Clotted blood, when viewed in a glass vessel, was seen to form distinct layers and these layers were perceived to constitute the substance of the human body. Health and disease were thought to be the result of proper mixture or imbalance respectively of these layers. Microscopic examination of the blood by Leeuwenhoek and others in the seventeenth century and subsequent improvements in their rudimentary apparatus provided the means whereby theory and dogma would gradually be replaced by scientific understanding. Currently, with the advancement of technology in the field, there are automated and molecular biological techniques enable electronic manipulation of cells and detection of genetic mutations underlying the altered structure and function of cells and proteins that result in hematologic disease. Explain the regulatory mechanisms in hemopoiesis Indicate the sites of hemopoiesis in infancy, childhood and adulthood. It is composed of different kinds of cells (occasionally called corpuscles); these formed elements of the blood constitute about 45% of whole blood. Blood is about 7% of the human body weight, so the average adult has a blood volume of about 5 liters, of which 2. Blood plasma When the formed elements are removed from blood, a straw-colored liquid called plasma is left. Some of the proteins in plasma are also found elsewhere in the body, but those confined to blood are called plasma proteins. These proteins play a role in maintaining proper blood osmotic pressure, which is important in total body fluid balance. Most plasma proteins are synthesized by the liver, 2 Hematology including the albumins (54% of plasma proteins), globulins (38%), and fibrinogen (7%). Other solutes in plasma include waste products, such as urea, uric acid, creatinine, ammonia, and bilirubin; nutrients; vitamins; regulatory substances such as enzymes and hormones; gasses; and electrolytes. Formed elements the formed elements of the blood are broadly classified as red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leucocytes) and platelets (thrombocytes) and their numbers remain remarkably constant for each individual in health. In adults, they are formed in the in the marrow of the bones that form the axial skeleton. Mature red cells are nonnucleated and are shaped like flattened, bilaterally indented spheres, a shape often referred to as "biconcave disc" with a diameter 7. In stained smears, only the flattened surfaces are observed; hence the appearance is circular with an area of central pallor corresponding to 3 Hematology the indented regions. The red cells contain the pigment hemoglobin which has the ability to combine reversibly with 02. In the lungs, the hemoglobin in the red cell combines with 02 and releases it to the tissues of the body (where oxygen tension is low) during its circulation. Carbondioxide, a waste product of metabolism, is then absorbed from the tissues by the red cells and is transported to the lungs to be exhaled. The red cell normally survives in the blood stream for approximately 120 days after which time it is removed by the phagocytic cells of the reticuloendothelial system, broken down and some of its constituents re utilized for the formation of new cells. Their production is in the bone marrow and lymphoid tissues (lymph nodes, lymph nodules and spleen).

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