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By: B. Sulfock, M.A.S., M.D.

Professor, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

Normal pulse rate is 60-100 per minute Sinus bradycardia-pulse rate < 60 per minute Sinus tachycardia-pulse rate > 100 per minute allergy medicine best discount promethazine 25 mg on line. High output states: anaemia allergy shots houston buy promethazine pills in toronto, pyrexia allergy medicine joint pain buy generic promethazine on line, beriberi allergy medicine behind the counter purchase promethazine with paypal, thyrotoxicosis, pheochromocytoma, arteriovenous fistula. Drugs (atropine, nifedipine, beta agonists- salbutamol, thyroxine, catecholamines, nicotine, caffeine). Pulse Deficit (Apex-Pulse Deficit) It is the difference between the heart rate and the pulse rate, when counted simultaneously for one full minute. Absent Persists or increases Pauses are variable and chaotic Pulse Character Pulse character is best assessed in the carotid arteries (Figs 3. The rapid downstroke is because of diastolic run-off into the left ventricle, and decreased peripheral resistance and rapid run-off to the periphery. Decreased peripheral resistance is due to large stroke volume stretching carotid and aortic sinus leading to reflex decrease in peripheral resistance. Causes Causes High output states-Anaemia, pyrexia, beriberi Patent ductus arteriosus Aortic regurgitation. Causes Left ventricular failure Typhoid fever Dehydration Dilated cardiomyopathy Cardiac tamponade. It is best appreciated by palpating radial or femoral pulses, rather than the carotids. It may occur for several beats, following a pre-mature beat, in an otherwise normal heart. Coupled ventricular pre-mature beats may also mimic pulsus alternans, but however the rhythm is irregular. Pulsus Bigeminus A pulse wave with a normal beat followed by a premature beat and a compensatory pause, occurring in rapid succession, resulting in alternation of the strength of the pulse. In pulsus alternans, compensatory pause is absent, whereas in pulsus bigeminus, compensatory pause is present. The air bag within the cuff should extend for at least 2/3rd of the arm length and circumference. The midportion of the rubber bag within the cuff should lie over the brachial artery. Auscultatory Gap Occasionally, after the initial appearance of the Korotkoff sounds, indicating the systolic pressure, the sounds disappear for sometime, to re-appear again and finally disappear at the diastolic pressure. Auscultatory gap occurs when there is venous distension or reduced velocity of arterial flow in the arm. Causes Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy Intermittent positive pressure ventilation Atrioventricular dissociation. Blood Pressure the lateral force exerted by the blood column per unit area of the vascular wall that is expressed in mm of Hg. Mean arterial pressure is the product of cardiac output and total peripheral resistance. Home monitoring and ambulatory monitoring are preferable as they eliminate anxiety. He should not have consumed coffee or tea for the preceding one hour or smoked for the preceding 15 minutes. He should not be on adrenergic stimulants and there should be no bladder distension. In vertebrobasilar insufficiency, a difference in pressure between the arms may signify that a subclavian steal is responsible for cerebrovascular symptoms. When there is a fall in systolic pressure of > 20 mm Hg after standing for 3 minutes, from the lying posture, the patient is said to have postural hypotension. When the diastolic pressure is below 90 mm Hg, a systolic pressure below 140 mm Hg indicates normal blood pressure. When there is an elevation of systolic pressure of > 30 mm Hg and a diastolic pressure of > 20 mm Hg from the basal original level, it indicates presence of hypertension.

In the case of stomach X-rays allergy symptoms get worse at night cheap promethazine 25mg with visa, people take a barium meal before being photographed (contrast radiography); in other cases allergy medicine for sore throat buy genuine promethazine on-line, such as kidney X-rays allergy medicine generic name buy cheap promethazine 25 mg online, radioactive substances are injected into the bloodstream or into the organ itself allergy forecast huntsville tx buy promethazine 25mg cheap. X-rays are used not only in radiography for diagnosis but as a treatment in radiotherapy as rapidly dividing cells such as cancer cells are most affected. Excessive exposure to X-rays, either as a person being treated, or as a radiographer, can cause radiation sickness. X-ray imaging / eks reI ImId I/ noun the X-ray imaging Y yawn /j n/ noun a reflex action when tired or sleepy, in which the mouth is opened wide and after a deep intake of air, the breath exhaled slowly His yawns made everyone feel sleepy. Symptoms include fever with raspberry-like swellings on the skin, followed in later stages by bone malformation. A deep Z-shaped incision is made to relieve tension in the area of a scar, or to change the direction of a scar. Also called zygoma zygomatic bone / zaI m tIk bn/ noun a bone which forms the prominent part of the cheek and the lower part of the eye socket. Also called cheekbone, malar bone zygomatic process / zaI m tIk prs es/ noun one of the bony projections which form the zygomatic arch zygomycosis / zaI maI ksIs/ noun a disease caused by a fungus which infests the blood vessels in the lungs zygote / zaI t/ noun a fertilised ovum, the first stage of development of an embryo zym- /zaIm/ prefix (used before vowels) 1. There is only one central vertical plane, termed the median or sagittal plane, and this passes through the body from front to back. Two specific horizontal planes are (a) the transpyloric, midway between the suprasternal notch and the symphysis pubis, and (b) the transtubercular or intertubercular plane, which passes through the tubercles of the iliac crests. Views of the body from some different points are shown on the diagram; a view of the body from above is called the superior aspect, and that from below is the inferior aspect. Cephalic means toward the head; caudal refers to positions (or in a direction) towards the tail. Proximal and distal refer to positions respectively closer to and further from the centre of the body in any direction, while lateral and medial relate more specifically to relative sideways positions, and also refer to movements. Ventral refers to the abdomen, front or anterior, while dorsal relates to the back of a part or organ. The hand has a dorsal and a palmar surface, and the foot a dorsal and a plantar surface. Note that flexion of the thigh moves it forward while flexion of the leg moves it backwards; the movements of extension are similarly reversed. Movement and rotation of limbs can be medial, which is with the front moving towards the centre line, or lateral, which is in the opposite direction. Specific terms for limb movements are adduction, towards the centre line, and abduction, which is away from the centre line. Other specific terms are supination and pronation for the hand, and inversion and eversion for the foot. These guidelines are not intended to define standard of care, and are revised at regular intervals as new information, devices, medications, and techniques become available. Idiopathic fibrosis, sickle cell crisis, primary pulmonary hypertension Chest trauma, post pneumonectomy Posttransplant: acute, chronic (Bronchiolitis obliterans) Chronic respiratory failure bridging to transplant 2. The circuit is planned to be capable of total support for the patient involved, unless the intent is specifically partial support. The circuit components are selected to support blood flow 3 L/m2/min (neonates 100 cc/kg/min; pediatrics 80 cc/kg/min; adults 60 cc/kg/min. Achieving a desired flow is determined by vascular access, drainage tubing resistance, and pump properties. Oxygen delivery capability is determined by blood flow, hemoglobin concentration, inlet hemoglobin saturation, and membrane lung properties. Carbon dioxide removal always exceeds oxygen delivery when the circuit is planned for full support. Circuit components the basic circuit includes a blood pump, a membrane lung, and conduit tubing. Depending on the application, additional components may include a heat exchanger, monitors, and alarms.

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I express my gratitude to those persons who criticized my earlier books An Approach to Human Anatomy and Advanced Anatomy food allergy symptoms 12 hours later discount promethazine 25mg otc. It helped me a lot to overcome my lapses and inspired me to undertake the present venture allergy forecast order promethazine 25 mg without a prescription. I am really grateful to them and hope that they will inform me about any flaws found by them in the present edition allergy symptoms cough purchase promethazine 25mg. I would be grateful to the readers for the suggestion to improve this book from all angles allergy forecast utah proven promethazine 25mg. The facilities made available by college authorities helped me a lot to write this book. In preparing this book I consulted numerous authorities and referred many textbooks, medical dictionaries, etc. Byas Deb Ghosh PreFace to the FirSt edition As a teacher of anatomy, with experience of about 25 years, I have always felt that anatomy is a hard subject for a majority of students. The reason for the notion is that most of the anatomy books are very elaborate and as such the students loose their patience and thereby concentration of mind. The authors of such books thus neither fulfill the needs nor meet the requirements of the students. Keeping in view the above shortcomings, I have made an effort to meet out the requirements of each and every undergraduate and postgraduate student of medical sciences in a reliable manner so that they are well acquainted with problems of theoretical, practical and oral examinations including dissection, radiology, etc. Therefore, much importance is given to histology so that everyone could reach into the depth of human anatomy. Much importance is given to the applied anatomy of collective information on various aspects and materials in every chapter and important diagnosis for each concept. The students of 2005-2006 (1st year) batch also extended a helping hand in achieving the goal. It goes without saying that for writing in easy language, one must have command over the language. I do not boast but I am lucky enough to get a good and healthy environment in the college campus, having well-equipped Dissection Hall and Anatomy Museum. The facilities made available by college authorities helped me a lot to write the book. In preparing the book I consulted numerous authorities and anatomists, referred many textbooks, medical dictionaries, etc. I express my gratitude to those persons who criticized my earlier books An Approach to Human Anatomy and Advanced Anatomy as it helped me a lot to overcome my lapses and inspired me to undertake the present venture. I remain grateful to them and hope that they will inform me of any flaw found by them. I am indebted to him as he guided me all the way and gave precious suggestions during the period of my work and my effort to bring out Human Anatomy for Students (Second edition). I am equally grateful to my professors and colleagues for their encouragement and valuable help in writing the book of anatomy. My special thanks are to my students who enabled me to feel their difficulties, which was a great inspiration in writing the book. I am also grateful to Dibyendu Sarkar, who with his expert artistic skill in computer technology has drawn all the diagrams of the book. He has accompanied me overnight to portray these precious diagrams which will certainly help medical students preparing for their examinations. Ms Payel Ghosh, my beloved daughter, showered her love and affection in me and to encouraged me during tough stages in writing of the book. I am thankful and grateful to Dr Sucheta Ghosh due to her devotion in work, thinking and planning for each and every word of this book. Introduction Definition Itisthesciencewhichdealswiththestudyofthe structures and their arrangements in the human body. Microscopical anatomy: Itdealswiththestudy of cells and intercellular structures under micro cope.

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