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By: W. Orknarok, M.B. B.CH., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Medical Instructor, Howard University College of Medicine

Timing of Insertion Table 1: When to Insert Skyla Starting Skyla in women not currently using hormonal or intrauterine contraception · Insert Skyla any time there is reasonable certainty that the woman is not pregnant thyroid gland physiology order levothroid 200mcg fast delivery. Consider the possibility of ovulation and conception prior to initiation of this product [see Contraindications (4)] thyroid gland operation discount 50 mcg levothroid visa. If Skyla is inserted during the first seven days of the menstrual cycle or immediately after a first trimester abortion zapping thyroid gland discount 100 mcg levothroid free shipping, back-up contraception is not needed thyroid gland znaczenie purchase levothroid 200 mcg on-line. If Skyla is not inserted during the first seven days of the menstrual cycle, a barrier method of contraception should be used, or the patient should abstain from vaginal intercourse for seven days to prevent pregnancy. Insert Skyla at any time, including during the hormone-free interval of the previous method. If inserted during active use of the previous method, continue that method for 7 days after Skyla insertion or until the end of the current treatment cycle. If the woman was using continuous hormonal contraception, discontinue that method seven days after Skyla insertion. Insert Skyla at any time; a non-hormonal back-up birth control (such as condoms or spermicide) should also be used for 7 days if Skyla is inserted more than 3 months (13 weeks) after the last injection. Insert Skyla immediately after a first-trimester abortion or miscarriage, unless it is a septic abortion [see Contraindications (4)]. Interval insertion following complete involution of the uterus · Wait a minimum of 6 weeks or until the uterus is fully involuted before inserting Skyla [see Warnings and Precautions (5. If Skyla is not inserted during the first 7 days of the menstrual cycle, a back-up method of contraception should be used, or the woman should abstain from vaginal intercourse for 7 days to prevent pregnancy [see Contraindications (4), Warnings and Precautions (5. For immediate insertion, remove Skyla from the inserter by first loading (see Figure 2) and then releasing (see Figure 7) Skyla from the inserter, and insert according to accepted practice. Preparation · Gloves Speculum Sterile uterine sound Sterile tenaculum Antiseptic solution, applicator Procedure Sterile gloves Skyla with inserter in sealed package Instruments and anesthesia for paracervical block, if anticipated Consider having an unopened back-up Skyla available Sterile, sharp curved scissors Preparation for insertion Exclude pregnancy and confirm that there are no other contraindications to the use of Skyla. With the patient comfortably in lithotomy position, do a bimanual exam to establish the size, shape and position of the uterus. Grasp the upper lip of the cervix with a tenaculum forceps and gently apply traction to stabilize and align the cervical canal with the uterine cavity. If the uterus is retroverted, it may be more appropriate to grasp the lower lip of the cervix. The tenaculum should remain in position and gentle traction on the cervix should be maintained throughout the insertion procedure. Gently insert a uterine sound to check the patency of the cervix, measure the depth of the uterine cavity in centimeters, confirm cavity direction, and detect the presence of any uterine anomaly. If you encounter difficulty or cervical stenosis, use dilatation, and not force, to overcome resistance. Opening the Skyla Package · Using sterile gloves, lift the handle of the sterile inserter and remove from the sterile package. Push the slider forward as far as possible in the direction of the arrow, thereby moving the insertion tube over the Skyla T-body to load Skyla into the insertion tube (Figure 2). The tips of the arms will meet to form a rounded end that extends slightly beyond the insertion tube. Move slider all the way to the forward position to load Skyla · Maintain forward pressure with your thumb or forefinger on the slider. Step 3­Setting the Flange · Holding the slider in this forward position, set the upper edge of the flange to correspond to the uterine depth (in centimeters) measured during sounding (Figure 3). Setting the flange Step 4­Skyla is now ready to be inserted · Continue holding the slider in this forward position. Step 5­Open the arms · While holding the inserter steady, move the slider down to the mark to release the arms of Skyla (Figure 5). Move the slider back to the mark to release and open the arms Step 6­Advance to fundal position Advance the inserter gently towards the fundus of the uterus until the flange touches the cervix. Move Skyla into the fundal position Step 7­Release Skyla and withdraw the inserter · Holding the entire inserter firmly in place, release Skyla by moving the slider all the way down (Figure 7). Move the slider all the way down to release Skyla from the insertion tube · Continue to hold the slider all the way down while you slowly and gently withdraw the inserter from the uterus. Using a sharp, curved scissor, cut the threads perpendicular, leaving about 3 cm visible outside of the cervix [cutting threads at an angle may leave sharp ends (Figure 8)].

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If the patient is receiving radiation therapy thyroid gland losing weight buy 100 mcg levothroid with amex, there will be a decrease in saliva thyroid cancer obesity purchase levothroid 100 mcg otc, and synthetic saliva may be required thyroid cancer whole body scan cheap 100mcg levothroid with visa. The nurse instructs the patient to drink water or sugar-free liquids throughout the day and to use a humidifier at home thyroid symptoms muscle cramps best order levothroid. Brushing the teeth or dentures and rinsing the mouth several times a day will assist in maintaining proper oral hygiene. The nurse assesses the surgical incisions, nutritional and respiratory status, and adequacy of pain management. During the home visit, the nurse identifies and addresses other learning needs of the patient and family, such as adaptation to physical, lifestyle, and functional changes. The home care nurse reinforces previous teaching and provides reassurance and support to the patient and family as needed. The nurse encourages the person who has had a laryngectomy to have regular physical examinations and to seek advice concerning any problems related to recovery and rehabilitation. The patient is also reminded to participate in health promotion activities and health screening and about the importance of keeping scheduled appointments with the physician, speech therapist, and other health care providers. Acquires an adequate level of knowledge, verbalizing an understanding of the surgical procedure and performing self-care adequately 2. Is aware of available community organizations and agencies such as the Lost Chord or New Voice groups c. Maintains a clear airway and handles own secretions; also demonstrates practical, safe, and correct technique for cleaning and changing the laryngectomy tube 4. Uses assistive devices and strategies for communication (Magic Slate, call bell, picture board, sign language, lip reading, computer aids) b. Follows the recommendations of the speech therapist Continuing Care Referral for home care is an important aspect of postoperative care for the patient who has had a laryngectomy and will assist the patient and family in the transition to the home. Demonstrates proper methods for caring for stoma and laryngectomy tube (if present) c. Critical Thinking Exercises A 36-year-old teacher is diagnosed with acute sinusitis. She has been self-medicating with over-the-counter medications for the past 2 weeks with no relief. Your 68-year-old patient is scheduled for total laryngectomy for treatment of laryngeal cancer. What information would you provide to the patient about managing changes in breathing and speech that are expected in the immediate postoperative period and in the long term? You are making the first home visit to a patient who has just been discharged from the hospital following treatment for pneumonia and a 60-lb weight loss. What aspects of assessment and nursing management are key at this point in caring for this patient? How would you assist this patient and his family to plan his care for the next month? Your patient, age 36, has been admitted to the emergency department with profuse epistaxis following a car crash. What other options are available if the bleeding does not stop within a reasonable period? Effect of omalizumab on symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis: A randomized controlled trial. Chapter 22 Management of Patients With Upper Respiratory Tract Disorders 515 cine. Principles of appropriate antibiotic use for acute rhinosinusitis in adults: background. Duration of symptoms and plasma cytokine levels in patients with the common cold treated with zinc acetate: A randomized, double-blind, placebocontrolled trial. Antibiotic prescribing for patients with colds, upper respiratory tract infections, and bronchitis: A national study of hospital-based emergency departments.

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Pili are responsible for tight binding of the bacteria to nonciliated mucosal cells thyroid levels order 200mcg levothroid amex. The tight binding prevents the gonococci from being washed away by vaginal discharge or urine thyroid symptoms body aches buy levothroid 100mcg. It also facilitates invasion into epithelial cells and resistance to complement-mediated serum killing thyroid cancer treatment and prognosis generic levothroid 50 mcg. Opacity proteins (Opa) - these cell surface proteins thyroid underactive discount levothroid 50 mcg line, or adhesins, also mediate tight binding to epithelial cells and are important for cell-to-cell signaling. Immune evasion: Antigenic variation ­ Frequent changes in antigens is one of the most prominent features of N. Antibodies specific for one form of pilin or Opa protein are not effective against another form. Each isolate of the gonococcus may have a unique antigen profile allowing the organism to reinfect a host repeatedly. The gonococci also secrete an IgA protease which cleaves and inactivates the heavy chain of the IgA1 isotype. Transferrin-binding proteins mediate acquisition of iron for bacterial metabolism by competing with their human hosts for iron (fundamentally different from most bacteria that synthesize siderophores to scavenge iron). B-lactamase ­ some strains produce B-lactamases that can degrade penicillin, leading to resistance. Clinical Features Up to 30% of male and female patients with gonorrhea will also be infected with Chlamydia trachomatis. Urethritis in men ­ anterior urethritis is the most common manifestation in men and presents with a purulent urethral discharge and/or dysuria. Complications include prostatitis, epididymitis (presents with unilateral testicular pain and swelling), urethral stricture, and disseminated gonococcal infection (see below). Urogenital infection in women ­ the endocervical canal is the primary site of infection (mucopurulent cervicitis). Symptoms include vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, dysuria, frequent urination, and abnormal uterine bleeding. The majority of infected women are asymptomatic, and many present for treatment only after referral from a symptomatic male partner. Untreated infection can result in pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility (see below). In women, rectal infection can occur from contamination of the rectum by infected vaginal secretions or by rectal intercourse. Symptoms include anal irritation, painful defecation, bleeding, cramping, constipation and mucopurulent rectal discharge. Pharyngeal infection results from orogenital contact and is usually asymptomatic, but can cause exudative pharyngitis and cervical adenitis, and can be a source of further transmission. Signs and symptoms include lower abdominal pain, fever, dyspareunia (pain during intercourse) and vaginal bleeding. Symptoms include fever, skin lesions (pustules, sometimes hemorrhagic or necrotic, on an erythematous base, located mostly on the extremities), tenosynovitis (inflammation of a tendon and its enveloping sheath), oligoarthritis (inflammation of a few joints, most commonly knee, also elbows, ankles, wrists, small joints of hands and feet), and migratory polyarthralgias (joint pain). Deficiency in the terminal complement components (C5-8) may increase susceptibility to disseminated infection. Perinatal disease ­ the neonate may develop gonococcal conjunctivitis (ophthalmia neonatorum) due to passage through an infected birth canal. Administration at birth to all neonates of 1% silver nitrate, 1% tetracycline, or 0. Diagnosis A Gram stain of urethral discharge showing intracellular Gram negative diplococci is >90% sensitive and >98% specific in symptomatic men for the diagnosis of gonococcal urethritis. In these cases diagnosis is confirmed by culture or nucleic acid amplification of affected sites. Cultures of urethral, cervical, rectal, and pharyngeal specimens must be inoculated onto selective media. These assays are highly sensitive and specific, and in many laboratories these assays have replaced culture. Treatment Third generation cephalosporins (a single intramuscular injection of ceftriaxone or a single oral dose of cefixime) are the treatment of choice for uncomplicated gonococcal urethritis or cervicitis.

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On physical exam the health officer may observe fever of 38°C and lower abdominal tenderness sometimes with rebound tenderness thyroid gland system order levothroid 50 mcg without prescription. On pelvic examination the following findings can be detected: · Cervical discharge Cervical motion tenderness and Tender uterus on bimanual examination Tender adenexa (ovary thyroid disease in dogs order 200mcg levothroid mastercard, fallopian tube) on bimanual examination sometimes mass in the adenexa the presence of genital ulcer and enlargement of inguinal lymphnodes should be checked thyroid gland underactive cheap levothroid 100mcg fast delivery. The common causes of this syndrome are gonorrhea thyroid and hair loss purchase genuine levothroid on-line, chlamydial infection and anaerobic bacteria infections. Scrotal swelling syndrome: Clinical features the testis, when infected, becomes swollen, hot and excruciatingly painful. On physical examination the Health Officer may observe unilateral or bilateral enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes which may be tender and fluctuating. The common causes of this syndrome are Lymphogranuloma venereum and chancroid and Granuloma inguinale. It should be remembered that infections on the lower extremities or on the perineum could produce swelling of the inguinal lymph nodes. Ophtalmia neonatorum Clinical features this is characterized by development of purulent conjunctivitis in one or both eyes in a baby within 4 weeks of birth. It is a medical emergency which can result in permanent damage to eyes including blindness unless treatment is initiated within 24 hours. It is commonly caused by infection of Neisseria gonorrhoea or Chlamydia trachomatis or a mixture of both. Granuloma Inguinalae - Urethral, vaginal and rectal stenosis/fistula - Genital elephantiasis etc 35 3. Patients have greater incidence of drug allergy making it difficult for the health care provider to give affordable drugs. Read the task analysis of the different categories of the Health Center Team on Unit 4. Direction for Using this Module Before reading this satellite module, be sure that you have studied the core module and completed the pre-test. Caution in administering for clients with central nervous system disorder Watch for irritations or sensitivity; educate patient to avoid drug from coming in contact with eyes; tell patient to refrain from intercourse. Administer accurately, give 1-2 hours after antacid or milk; give 1-2 hrs after meal Give on an empty stomach, and with water; minimize food intake just before or after taking the drug; report severe nausea vomiting, diarrhea, and skin rash Give deeply into a large muscle mass, observe for anaphylaxis serum sickness. The service relies on identification of specific syndromes and treatment can be given without delay. It is cheep because the service can be delegated to relatively junior staff and little or no laboratory facilities are required. Chancroids can be common in some areas, but rare in others as a cause of genital ulcer. To avoid confusion and negative implications, the nurse uses terms that patients understand, ask open ended questions, and uses sensitivity when asking questions about persons with whom the patient has had sexual contact. Vaginal discharge Onset, change in color, amount, and odor, multiple sexual partner, change in partner, sex without condom. Genital ulcer in men and women onset, history of recurrence, presence of pain, location, multiple or clustered ulcers. Inguinal bubo Presence of pain, ulceration, discharges, and the location of swelling. Reducing Anxiety Comfort and privacy without interruption as well as verbal and nonverbal assurance of confidentiality are essential in establishing and maintaining rapport. Health education messages must be specifically directed to target groups keeping in mind their educational levels, customs and beliefs. The patient is taught how the disease is transmitted, how to recognize the major signs and symptoms, how long the infectious period lasts, how the disease is treated and how to prevent its spread. A person who has been raped (sex with unknown person without permission) should have check up as soon as possible. Preventing re-infection Encourage the patient to persuade his/her partner or partners to be examined and tested promptly within 12 to 48 hours. The use of condoms protects the partner from contact with semen, urethral discharge and penile lesions. Hand washing Hand washing is the single most important measure of preventing the spread of infections. The nurse should wash hands for 10 seconds with soap, running water and friction before touching patients and any time the hands have been soiled.

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The glucose provides the energy to activate the sodium­potassium pumps thyroid symptoms ppt cheap levothroid 100 mcg free shipping, which pull potassium into the cell while pumping sodium out thyroid zapped order levothroid 50 mcg online. Causes: decreased intake (chronic alcoholism underactive thyroid symptoms new zealand order levothroid american express, malnutrition thyroid kid cheap levothroid 200mcg free shipping, starvation), impaired absorption (malabsorption syndromes, excess intake of calcium) and increased excretion normal for 24 hours after major surgery, diuretic loss of intestinal fluids, diabetic ketoacidosis, primary aldosteronism, primary hyperparathyroidism. Hypermagnesemia (high magnesium) Effects: vasodilation, flushing, warm feeling, hypotension, loss of reflexes, slowing bowel function, drowsiness, respiratory depression, coma, apnea, cardiac arrest. Hyponatremia (low sodium) Effects: weakness, fatigue, confusion, seizures, coma Administer sodium or diuretics as prescribed. Hypocalcemia (low calcium) Effects: numbness and tingling in fingertips, toes, ears, nose; carpopedal spasm; muscle cramps; tetany Administer replacement therapy as prescribed. Hypercalcemia (high calcium) Effects: dysrhythmias, digitalis toxicity, asystole Institute treatment as prescribed. Causes: renal failure, excess intake of medications with magnesium (antacids, cathartics). Causes: reduction of total body sodium, or increased water intake causing dilution of sodium f. Cause: prolonged immobility Nursing Diagnosis: Disturbed sensory perception related to excessive environmental stimulation, sleep deprivation, electrolyte imbalance Goal: Reduction of symptoms of sensory perceptual imbalance; prevention of postcardiotomy psychosis 1. Observe for perceptual distortions, hallucinations, disorientation, and paranoid delusions. Postcardiotomy psychosis may result from anxiety, sleep deprivation, increased sensory input, disorientation to night and day. The first cycle may be as long as 90 to 120 min and then shorten during successive cycles. Sleep deprivation results when the sleep cycles are interrupted or there are not enough of them. Encourage routine pain medication dosing for the first 24 to 72 hours and observe for side effects of lethargy, hypotension, tachycardia, respiratory depression. Renal injury can be caused by deficient perfusion, hemolysis, low cardiac output, and use of vasopressor agents to increase blood pressure. Patients have the right to know what care is prescribed; provides patient with the opportunity to ask questions and prepare for the procedure. Measure urine output every 1/2 hour to 4 hours in critical care then every 8­12 hours until hospital discharge. Prepare to administer rapid-acting diuretics or inotropic drugs (eg, dopamine, dobutamine). Prepare patient for dialysis or continuous renal replacement therapy if indicated. Use aseptic technique when changing dressings, suctioning endotracheal tube; maintain closed systems for all intravenous and arterial lines and for indwelling urinary catheter. Observe for symptoms of postpericardiotomy syndrome: fever, malaise, pericardial effusion, pericardial friction rub, arthralgia. Relieve symptoms of inflammation (eg, warm or flushed sensation, swelling, fullness, stiffness or aching sensation, and fatigue). Provide verbal and written instructions; provide several teaching sessions for reinforcement and answering questions. Provide information regarding follow-up phone call to surgeon, cardiologist, or liaison nurse; follow-up visit with surgeon. Make appropriate referrals: home care agency, cardiac rehabilitation program, community support groups, Mended Hearts Club. The less familiar or greater the amount of the content the patient and family need to learn, the more time it will take to learn. Family member responsible for home care is usually anxious and requires adequate time for learning. Arrangements for phone contacts with health care personnel help to allay anxieties.

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