John Burr


English (North American)


As one of the top voice over coaches in the U.S., John has enjoyed a career as a theater actor/director, voice talent, recording engineer/producer, and voice over coach for over 30 years. His book, The Voice Over Actor's Handbook, one of the  most in-demand teaching tools in the industry, has received wide acclaim from some of the biggest names in voice over.


If you have an existing demo, please e-mail it to me after you have registered, and I will critique it by return e-mail.


First Session - Evaluation

 A script set will be sent to you via e-mail for you to look over in advance of the first session.

- In this session, I will assess your talent and skills--reading ability and accuracy, diction, how you control breathing, pace, pitch, pause and mood, how well you understand the meaning of each script, and explore your comprehension of sentence structure and English grammar.

- In the last quarter of the session, we will discuss the results of the evaluation to determine the areas that work and those that need work.

- Assign homework for the next session. A new script set will be sent to you for use in the next three sessions,  based on the talent and skills revealed in the evaluation.

*Note that with very rare exceptions, a beginning student is almost never sufficiently prepared to do a demo, unless he or she comes to coaching with previous training. Following your evaluation, I will let you know at the end of the first session whether or not, in my professional opinion, you're ready for a demo.


Second Session - Commercials

- Outline approaches to the preparation and delivery of a commercial script, including understanding the message, speaking with purpose and empathy, controlling emotional intensity, and fantasizing the speaker and listener.

- Show you how to create and maintain energy through breath control and mindset.

- Explain how we read vs. how we talk--how to make the distinction and use it to make the delivery sizzle.

- Have you perform the homework-prepared scripts with critique.

- Assign homework for the third session.


Third session - Narrations

- Discuss how the approach to narrations differs from the approach to commercials.

- Explain the subject categories of narration scripts and how to analyze them.

- Demonstrate how to practice pronunciation of difficult words, as in medical or technical scripts.

- Have you perform the homework-prepared scripts with critique.

- Assign homework for the fourth session, and determine what the objectives will be, based on the results of the first three sessions.


Fourth Session- Analyzing your stage of readiness

- Have you perform selected homework-prepared scripts with critique, based on your level of improvement over the last three sessions.

- Provide an assessment of your personal profile to identify the areas of work you can perform well.

- Give you a frank and honest appraisal of where you are with your training and ability at this stage of development. This would include either recommending going ahead with producing a demo, or pursuing further training until you are demo ready, to ensure that you will have  a high-quality product of which you can be proud--most importantly, a high-quality product that will bring you work.


John has a long history of producing students who have achieved great success, many with premier national clients. He wants students who are passionate about pursuing a voice over career, who are willing to work hard, who are patient with the learning process, and who will continually persist with their marketing efforts. He can definitely help you get where you want to be.


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