Charlotte Grundy


English (British)


Charlotte Grundy is a professionally trained presenter and voice over artist based in the UK with many years' experience in public speaking and presenting. Graduating from Birmingham School of Speech and Drama with a BA (Hons) Degree in Acting in 2007.

She is a vocal coach working with individuals who have lost confidence in their voice. Her aim is to work with you to achieve your goals and communicate clearly, effectively and with confidence.


4 x 60 Minute Assessment and Coaching Sessions

Session 1:

Read a couple of very different scripts so we have something to work from and compare later on.

Discuss casting, experience and aspirations.

Intro into how the voice works and how to use it correctly

Work on particular sounds that need to be strengthened.

Articulation exercises


Session 2:

Breathing techniques.

Learn to breathe from the diaphragm.



Session 3:

Voice techniques.

How to change the depending on the mood you wish to portray. 

Character building in the voice.  Adding colour, stresses, pauses. Using the punctuation to help make sense of the text.


Connection with the text.

Using a microphone.


Session 4:

Re-record the scripts from the first lesson and assess.

Taking direction – Understanding what is being asked of you.

Try out new scripts.


"During this short course I will give you the basic rules to voiceover work and work on some basic techniques that will improve your skills as a voice over artist."

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