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Voice Training

You can choose what work you want to do, what you audition for, what you charge clients and when you work. The voice acting industry is moving online at a rapid rate. Now is the time to be a part of it. You'll learn how to find voice over jobs online.


Choose How Much

A voice over career is one where you set your own limits and choose how much or how little you want to put into it. Professional industry talent can earn over six figures working from home or anywhere with a portable studio setup.


Work with an Industry Leading Voiceover Coach

No matter where you are based, you will learn from an industry leading and respected voice actor and coach who you choose.

You'll receive training in all aspects of becoming a modern voice actor, including learning what you need for the best home studio setup, finding voice over jobs online and promoting yourself to clients, as well as vocal technique, correct breathing and more.

Fun + Short Courses

Learn Industry Lingo & How to Find Jobs

  • Learn about microphone technique and how to avoid simple mistakes when auditioning
  • Find unique ways to market your voice to clients others miss!
  • Discover how to build your own unique brand and get your demos into the right hands. Get professional advice on what works and what doesn't

Approved Coaches

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  • Get an amazing deal secured through The Voice Realm, one of the leading voice casting websites
  • Training to help you become the best voice actor you can be
  • Have your questions answered by a world leading voice over coach in live one on one sessions.


Thanks for the two most recent voiceover training. I've booked 2 jobs in the past few weeks!

Kara Sampson


I got to choose when we did the training and Deb was fantastic and listened to my needs!

Kitty Shaw


Voice Coaches to Choose from


English (British) More Info
Charlotte helped me with my confidence in my voice, and taught me correct microphone technique along with many other tips to help me get started in the voice over industry.



English (North American) More Info
David showed me exactly how to position myself to be in control of my voice and find voice over work online. I can't recommend him enough!



English (Australian) More Info
Wow Abbe is so patient, professional and pleasant! Our lessons were fun and we got right into the nitty gritty of the industry.



English (North American) More Info
I learned more from her in one session than I learned from my last coach in TEN sessions!

Don White

Juan Carlos

Spanish (Latin American) More Info
Juan Carlos helped me launch my voiceover career. He is great at giving feedback and I recommend him.


Tens of millions of dollars worth of voice over jobs are booked online every year.

If you've ever been told that you've got a great voice or ever thought about becoming part of the exciting world of voice acting, now is the time. We've put together an amazing offer where you will get world class training at an affordable rate. Never before has this been offered. The Voice Realm is one of the most powerful casting websites on the planet and this training will give you all the tools you need to kick start your voice over career.

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