David Zema


English (North American)


David’s coaching focuses on helping his clients create marketing messages.  Also he facilitates the definition of their own core strengths enabling them to easily draw from their treasures for every part of their life, career, or business.  

By staying close to their real self and desires they will be perceived as trusted, capable connections and attract clients, allies, partners and more business.  David has developed an exclusive method that shows his clients how to trigger their core strengths to kick into high gear whenever they are needed to produce positive results.


Three x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions

Plus a Bonus Vocal Warm-up recorded class and pdf; Follow-Up Email Session.

  • Develop technique
  • Find copy to show your strengths

Each session is tailored to the needs of the student.
All levels from beginner to advanced are welcome.


Session 1

Evaluation of your current skill level and where you fit into voice overs
You will read copy and be advised of your strengths and weaknesses.
Homework and or warm up or other exercises will be given.


Session 2
You will read copy to see how you have progressed and where you need to focus your practice and learning.


Session 3
You will read copy and be told of  improvements and areas that still need work.



Free Email Follow-Up within 30 days - assessment of an mp3 you send by email.

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