Abbe Holmes


English (Australian)


For 12 years, Abbe has been a voice over coach and Speaker. Her coaching and talks give voice actors clear, easy-to- implement techniques for scripts of all styles, that translate into more engaged and engaging performances.

She's proud to say that many students she has coached have gone onto successful voiceover careers.



Demo and Voice Type Assessment

I’ll ask you to send me your demo or link me to where I can hear it. If you don’t have a demo, I’ll ask you to record some material and send it to me.

Then I’ll email you with an assessment of your skills and what kind of work a voice such as yours would likely be cast for.

I’ll also let you know which areas we need to refine. Then we can decide what kinds of scripts we’ll work on in the sessions.


3 x 1 hours coaching sessions via Skype

After the assessment, we’ll work out a time that works for us both for our sessions. I’ll send you 2 scripts prior to each session or you can send me material you’d like to work on and we’ll get started.

You’ll be coached on the techniques for approaching the different kinds of scripts you’ll be asked to audition for.

We’ll work on conversational style, information and instructional delivery and narration. If you want to know more about character work, we can do that as well.

You’ll learn how to look at the language in a script and work out how to deliver the message so that it connects with, and engages the listener.

We’ll also work on techniques to create different voiceover personas by making small changes in volume, pace, emotion and attitude.

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