Julie Williams


English (North American)


Julie Williams is a Voice-Over Life Coach, guiding you through every aspect of your voice-over life. Whether you’re just getting into the exciting world of voiceover,  or you’re a seasoned pro with thousands of voice-overs to your credit, Julie can help you refine your craft, and become a better performer and marketer than you already are.

As a voice-over professional for 40 years — ​Julie has learned a thing or two! She's taught at the top conferences in the industry, specializes in the lucrative genres of narration/eLearning, ​​TOUGH medical/technical narration, commercial, ​infomercial, ​and audiobook narrations.


I believe in a full immersion approach to coaching voice-over. I have some 40 specific proven voice-over techniques that I teach my students. They don’t learn all at once, but I do throw a lot of techniques at my students starting from the very first session. My students encompass newbies to successful working voice-over talents.

This is why I strongly encourage my students to record every single session for their own personal use. Homework every week is to listen back to the session. Additional homework is assigned on occasion on an individualized basis. This is a very important element to voice-over training.

Each student has different strengths and weaknesses, and different goals. It’s difficult to specify a specific curriculum (after the first two assessment sessions) because the entire process then revolves around the students goals, desires, strengths, and weaknesses.

Together we work on both weaknesses and strengths. Eliminating weaknesses can elevate a talent to a very good talent. But it’s the strengths that will make them soar.

I’m also a Voice-Over Life Coach. I coach all aspects of my students’ voice-over life and am available even outside our session times. Students can expect guidance in performance, strategies for marketing, advice on technical, and referrals for web design. 


Sessions 1 & 2 Assessments and LOTS of New Techniques

  • In these initial sessions, all students are assessed with scripts that I selected specifically to showcase several performance techniques.   
  • Assess students performance in several different genres
  • Look for uniqueness in their performance (which is not always evident this early in the process)

Sessions 3 & 4. Where Individualization Come In

  • Choose individualized scripts to work on both the strengths and weaknesses of the individual student
  • Teach the most popular styles being cast today, such as the Anthem read.
  • Add several new techniques into the mix
  • Begin to introduce “Golden Tools” (these are performance techniques that can be used to showcase uniqueness in a VO talent’s read. Everyone has a different personality and only some golden tools are right for each person. But identifying them can go a long way toward showing that the student is not just another great voice!)

Session 5

  • Continue with an individualized program depending on the talent’s needs.
  • Assess for demo and inform why or why not student is or isn’t ready

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