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We had a great experience working with the Voice Realm. Finding the right talent for our project was made easy by using the Voice Realm audition request that matched vocal talent with our desired criteria. Within a few hours, we had over a dozen auditions of our script ready for evaluation.

Once our voice talent selection was made, the process got even easier. We hired our talent selection directly from the audition list, and submitted our full script. A final version of our voice over was recorded and returned later the same day. The Voice Realm provided a simple, professional and cost effective solution for producing the quality vocals we needed.

 - David Austin
Owner, Co-Founder

Comfort Line, LLC  



Amazing professional website with great professional voice over talents.

I was surprised i found a professional voice talent that works for large television stations across australia and was very affordable.

I was amazed at his voice. Very fast turn around time. i loved how you can post a free audition and get voice over talents all around the world with just a few clicks.

Looking forward to using The Voice Realm for future projects.

- Mert Karacayil
Cinematographer, Director of Merkar Productions
Merkar Productions




I had a great experience with The Voice Realm.  I was putting together a short demo reel of some 4K African wildlife footage that I shot last year.  I needed a voice for my intro and had looked all over the web for just the right talent.  I needed someone who sounded a bit like they had just come in from a hot dusty savannah, a deep voice, just a bit raspy.  I found one voice talent on The Voice Realm that sounded just like I imagined.

The process was quick and easy.  I used the free audition to test out a part of my script and make sure it would work for me.  The audition was great, very close to what I was looking for.  The audition also allowed me to give some specific direction when I hired the talent for the project.  I had my finished narration back the next day and it was exactly what I was searching for.  I would definitely use The Voice Realm again on another project.



FishTales Films




The Voice Realm was a life saver! I have been wanting to get a professional British female voice over for my wife’s photography business IVR system. I have been putting this off for weeks because I thought it would be cost prohibitive and take a long time.

After doing a quick google search I found Then Voice Realm, created an account, found talent and within 48 hours I had my mp3 ready to download and add as my IVR phone system announcement. This service is a great tool to help give your business that large & professional feel to your clients. I recommend all small businesses look into using the site to get a professional voice over!


- Jason Anderson





We've found The Voice Realm's services fantastic. Work is carried out really quickly, and it provides a great platform to give feedback and tweak things.

The price is also very affordable, which is always a key factor. We'd highly recommend them to anyone who needs voice work done professionally. 


- Sascha Lopez

Blue Telecoms





I decided to try The Voice Realm for an eLearning project and, wow, you came through with flying colors! Your website is so well organized. I loved being able to audition several people all at once, then being able to choose from among them the most likely that my client would like.

My client was similarly delighted at being able to choose from a list that was easy to traverse. Listening to each artist say the same passage that I had sent made it easy to figure out whose tone and pace came closest to what my client wanted.

However, what I loved the best was the speed by which I received my audio files once I submitted the transcripts. Suffice it to say that I'll be calling on The Voice Realm for all my future voice needs!

- Joe Ganci

President, eLearning Joe LLC




Searching talent on The Voice Realm was easy.  Eduardo worked with me on a Spanish language version of a project I'm editing, and even though I don't speak Spanish, he made things easy on my end by editing his own file.  The turnaround time was amazingly quick, and sounded great!  I'd gladly recommend The Voice Realm to other producers and editors.


- Mark Colegrove

Video Producer, Creative Media Productions BSC Operations 



I was looking for Spanish talent and did a google search and discovered the Voice Realm.  Their site was easy to navigate and my client immediately chose the talent suggestion I pulled from it.

The talent did an amazing job and we were able to meet a quick deadline and make a client very happy.  I'll definitely be using The Voice Realm again for other voice projects.  Thanks guys!


 - Tim McLarty

Owner, Ontrack Communications Inc. 




"DSKNECTD is a documentary about communication in the digital age. If you¹ve ever had to compete for the attention of a friend preoccupied with texting. If you¹ve ever seen an entire evening slip away trolling through Facebook status updates. If you¹ve ever wondered if something fundamental is changing about the way we communicate with each other. This documentary is for you.

DSKNECTD explores the promise and problems associated with digital communication. But it was also a documentary with a problem of its own. My name is Dominic White, the filmmaker behind DSKNECTD. And this is the story of how The Voice Realm came to my rescue in the proverbial 'nick of time.'

With two weeks to go before submission to Sundance 2013 the voice talent I had been counting on fell through. Being that Sundance is the premiere film festival in the United States a compromise on the voice talent was just not an option. I quickly moved to plan B and attempted to find alternate talent in Los Angeles.  Of course now at the end of the project the budget for voice talent was going to be, shall I say, ‘constrained.’

I used another popular industry website and within a day received a number of responses. But for my budget the respondents were almost exclusively amateur. When I finally received a commitment from a professional voice actor, he surprised me the following day with requests for studio time and other expenses. Plan B was now out and with three days before my mix session mild panic was setting in.

On a whim I searched for voice over services via the Internet. After wading through a number of unimpressive (and expensive) sites I came across The Voice Realm. Intrigued I did a quick search and was blown away not only at the variety and premium quality of the voices but also the fast turnaround.

The next pleasant surprise was the pricing: it was within my ‘constrained’ budget.

That night I submitted my script and by the next morning I had multiple options for test reads. Within 30 minutes of approving the test I started receiving dry tracks; within four hours I had everything. There were a few small corrections that needed to be made and these were handled professionally and quickly ­ at no extra cost ­ right on time for my mix. Everything from submitting the script, communicating with the talent, receiving the files and submitting corrections occurred seamlessly through the site. It was truly ‘no hassle.’

During the session at Sony Pictures Post the re-recording engineer specifically asked, “Where did you get the narrator? His voice is perfect for this!” And I agree. Without The Voice Realm the quality of DSKNECTD would have been compromised. All the hard work, effort and energy required to hit the Sundance submission deadline could have had a shadow cast over it because of an amateur narrator track.

 In a few months I will find out if DSKNECTD has made the final cut at Sundance. If it does The Voice Realm and my voice talent John will have played a significant part in making that happen. And for that I will owe them a debt of gratitude."



(For more information about DSKNECTD and to view the trailer, please visit www.DSKNECTD.com)



Our public relations and advertising is extremely pleased with The Voice Realm. In the fast-paced messaging market, quick turn-around in concert with diversity in voice talent leads to happy clients.

We've used The Voice Realm on varied projects for businesses, non-profits and even our own firm's ads, and the impression made on radio listeners and potential customers is profound. Professional, high-end voiceover production really does matter, and when it's reasonably priced with stellar support staff and a user-friendly website, everyone achieves success. And the most impressive aspect: the talent! You'll have fun just reviewing the voice pro's profiles and listening to their audio demos, contouring the voice and style to your or your client's needs.

Optima produces a myriad of radio ads and narration for many clients, and we've found no superior online voiceover website on the globe, and we've really researched what's out there.

The Voice Realm is the best and the brightest without question.

- Tom Anderson

Partner and General Manager 

Optima Public Relations


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The Voice Realm is unlike any other voiceover casting website out there. No longer do we need to listen through bad auditions to find the right voice.

The job was done fast and we had the final recording back in under three hours. Professional voice talent and a system that was flawless. Communication with the voice was simple and we plan to use the site again.

 It was so easy to navigate, we were lead step-by-step through the process intuitively by the site. The website is designed beautifully.

 We had a receipt for tax AND we saved time and thousands of dollars.

-Thomas Stampfli

Executive Producer, PopFocal.com


Voice Talent Casting

The Voice Realm was the 4th or 5th site we viewed online...and it really stands out from the rest. 

Everything from the talent samples, to picking talent, to uploading voice over scripts and directions was easy, with very clear instruction. 

The talent has been top notch and very willing to get things done right, and in a timely manner. It's obvious that the talent has first rate, professional recording studios. We have had voice talent deliver our audio as quickly as 2 hours...with with all breaths and extraneous noise already removed!  AMAZING!

The Voice Realm is our new "Go To" solution for voiceover work!

- Tom O'Reilly

President, O'Reilly + Associates, Inc




We are very happy to have found the Voice Realm. The Voice Realms allows us to have an easy access to a great range of great professional voice talents for our projects in a very cost-effective manner.

For us, the possibility to have an audition with the professionals whose voices may match with our requirements has helped us to make the right decision.

Plus, the person chosen was very responsive and professional throughout the work. He polished the audio until we were completely satisfied with it.

If you are looking for a great variety of voices and for responsive and professional voice talents, I think The Voice Realm is the way to go.

We are certain that we will use this service in the near future because I have not found anything similar to it on the internet

regarding pricing and the quality of service.

Thanks guys, you all rock!


-  Steve Smith

Founder, Gold IRA For Investors





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