A Comparison of Castings Between Two Voice Over Website Rates for the Same Jobs

Voice over rates are always a hot topic. Especially now that many jobs are being cast online and more often than not recorded in a voice talent’s professional home studio.

Low Budget Jobs - How Low is Too Low?

Low Budget Jobs – How Low is Too Low?

Most voice actors have minimum rates, which are expected and show professionalism. But how low is too low?

Debate continues to rage about which casting websites give you the best bang for your buck. Many still complain that they should not be charged to be listed on these sites, and of course everyone is welcome to voice their opinion. Many look at being listed on these sites as exposure and write it off through tax as marketing spend.

We decided to do a random check today and put The Voice Realm head to head with some real castings done on a competitor’s website.

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Voice Over Casting Websites Suck, But I’m Thankful for One.

It seems to be the in thing to bash any website that tries to connect voice actors with new clients. I mean why do we need supermarkets? When we could all just go out and individually gather food? Why do we need airlines, when we could just drive?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Why do voice actors need websites to help them find more work?

Because clients want to be given options when hiring a voice actor. They want the invoicing system and payments simplified. They want to cast a voice easily and conveniently. They want a selection to choose from.

I’m not just making this up, these facts are coming from speaking to thousands of voice over clients, finding out what they want and what they need to make their job easier.

But it’s not all about the clients; it’s about what works for the voice talent as well.

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Sick of Chasing Up Clients for Payment? Solutions for Voice Actors

One of the biggest and most frustrating complaints I hear from voice actors is the administrative work that needs to be completed in order to run their business efficiently. They feel as if they are wasting time chasing clients for money, when they could be spending that time auditioning for more jobs.

Are you still wasting time invoicing clients manually?

Are you still wasting time invoicing clients manually?

Generating and keeping track of invoices, marking invoices as paid, double checking the correct amount was paid and then filing correctly can take hours every month.

Websites like The Voice Realm make this process a lot easier. As everything is automated, you don’t need to generate invoices, or chase payments. The site handles it all. Leaving the voice actor free to audition and focus on jobs.

As a prerequisite of clients using the site, the full payment must be made through The Voice Realm before the voice actor begins recording. This insures that talent is paid for their work and that money is released promptly after the job is marked as complete.

Many actors have found the benefits far outweigh paying a small commission fee for the site to handle all the administrative side of voice over jobs.

Marc Scott is a perfect example of a modern VO talent who utilizes the service.

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You Can Now Hire Australian Voice Over Artists At Affordable Rates Through The Voice Realm

Australian voice over artists are now available to be auditioned and hired through http://www.TheVoiceRealm.com.au in a few clicks.

The online voice over services company continues to expand worldwide as the industry grows, thanks to more applications requiring a human voice such as iPhone and iPad games and programs.

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Do You Pay Your Clients or Do They Pay You?

Many voice talent understand they are extremely blessed to be doing a job that they love. They go above and beyond to ensure their clients are happy and return to use their services again. It’s called customer service.

But then there’s a small number of voice talent that must honestly believe that the client should be honored to have them recording their script.

Working at a voice over casting website like The Voice Realm, I get to see it from both sides. I deal with the most wonderful and friendly voice actors, clients who are thrilled with getting a professional recording, and then there’s clients that are a little picky, but then again they are the ones paying.

And then….. there’s the voice talent that “don’t have time for this. I have other clients that are paying more that I need to attend to.” Ummm didn’t you look at the rates before you joined the website? Wouldn’t that be the ‘professional’ thing to do?

I asked the client this and that before I recorded.” Actually you didn’t because we can see every message that you have sent them.

It’s been two days and you still haven’t paid me.” The email you received to say that the job was completed also said that you’ll be paid within 72 hours. Two days is 48 hours.

Ok I’m getting carried away here…. But all these quotes are legit!

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Voice Over Services Industry – A Snapshot

If you’re curious about the breakdown of castings, jobs, and languages, check out this INFOGRAPHIC on how 2013 is shaping up in the voice over recording services industry.

We crunched the numbers and put it together with these cute little graphics.

Interesting to note that the ‘Average Voice Over Payment’ continues to rise.

Another website’s publicly shown information shows their average job at $252.97. And this is after voice talent bid each other down in price!

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Communicating With Your “Other” Audience – By Dave Landon

“What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate!”

(Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke)

Fundamentals bear repeating. In the world of marketing and media the obvious, fundamental truth that the most important aspect of any digital media message – be it a radio commercial, an on-hold message, an explainer video, or whatever – is communication is often given short shrift.

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Business Phone Message Greeting Recorded by a Professional Voice Over Brings an Increase in Sales

Many businesses neglect a marketing tool that is right underneath their nose. Something so obvious that can actually help increase sales within 24 hours. The humble telephone is a device that is under-utilized by many small businesses as a way to turn inquires into sales.

The telephone is often the first contact a new client has with a business, therefore it is important to leave potential clients and customers a professional image You need a business phone message that represents your company and brand in a positive light.. It also ensures that consumers retain information about a company and research even shows the chance of them hanging up is but by more than half.

Why Your Company Needs a Professional Voicemail Greeting

When a customer initiates a call to a business they are making a pro-active step to connect with your company, instantly transforming them into a captive audience from the second the call is answered.

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Voice Over Talent Book More Than 100 Jobs Per Week Thanks To Casting Website Proactive Approach (MEDIA RELEASE)

This week, voice over casting website The Voice Realm announced it secured its stable of voice actors over 100 jobs each week for the past month, a new record as the company continues to expand globally.

The website is the world’s first exclusively online voice over agency, representing professional voice talent from around the world. Other websites allow anyone with a credit card to join whether or not they have experience or professional recording equipment.

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Support Independent Documentaries. DSKNECTD A Semi-finalist in the ArcLight Documentary Festival

Dominic White is a documentary maker who needed a professional voice actor for his film. After being given the run around by other websites he stumbled upon The Voice Realm and got the job done right the first time at a great rate.

The narration was done by voice talent John Hunerlach through The Voice Realm website.

The doco is going from strength to strength and being screened in front of a growing number of people.

Here’s an update on the film.

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