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Post Free Casting Notice Finally there's a way to source professional voice over talent without having to sort through hundreds of auditions. In just a few clicks you have access to a pool of voices that are ready to bring your script and product to life. You direct the voice recording session, and get the script read exactly the way you want it. Voice recording sessions done by the best voice announcers, talents and actors. Audition voice talent for free. Hire cheap voice overs at The Voice Realm, professional announcers and voice actors to record with your budget.
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Now you can have the same voice talent that are featured on national and worldwide commercials with a few mouse clicks.

The Voice Realm is the world's first, exclusively-online, voice over directory & voice recording service. Your business can now brand itself using professional voice talent at rates that will blow you away!

We've streamlined the entire process to allow you to audition professional voice over actors for free, find the perfect sound for your brand and then easily hire voice talent through our secure website. We ensure that you and the voice actor are safe by holding onto the funds while the job is completed.

You will have complete control and be able to work with the voice to get the recording to sound just the way you want.

Once you have your script prepared, REGISTER FOR A FREE ACCOUNT, then POST A FREE CASTING NOTICE.

The system will lead you through step by step, so you can give the talent details on the type of style you are looking for, upload your script, and then receive custom samples in less than one hour!

Do you have a script that is less than 60 seconds and just need a professional voice to record it fast? 

Try QUICKcast and we will show you a selection of talent to choose from. Rates from $55!

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  The Voice Realm is a voice over talent directory and faster way to find and hire a voice over talent for your next project. Forget about auditions that take a few days or a week.
  Once you decide on which voiceover actor is best for your script, the talent is immediately advised so they can get to work on it straight away.
  All voice artists are of the highest calibre, so you can be assured you will be working with professional voice talent that is ready to work with you. Fast Voice Casting is the smarter way to ensure the voice over recording project is completed on time, within budget and exactly the voice over talent you want.
  Head on over to the Voice Gallery and find the perfect & affordable voice for your script. Free voice auditions and no agency fees. Voice over talent are used in an array of applications such as iPhone apps. on-hold and voicemail messages, advertising, how to and instructional videos. corporate narrations, presentations, voice prompts, video games. radio tv commercials, training videos, documentaries, corporate presentations, industrials. audio books, sweepers, liners, promos, and ID's and thousands of other uses. Voice Over Clients Affordable Voice Talent
Voice Talent Audition For You FREE!

You can have hundreds of  talent audition your script and have responses in less than an hour. NO CREDIT CARD OR PAYMENT REQUIRED.

Just click below to Post A Casting Notice, or find out how to easily hire a voice actor through our online recording service.

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We've designed our website to give you access to the world's best voice actors at the best rates through our streamlined technology. The Voice Realm is an NYC voice over directory dedicated to quality sound and unbelievable customer service.

Browse through our voiceover database and find the perfect voice for your next recording. Work directly with voice talents online right now.

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