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Now With Even More Professional Voice Actors to Choose from Than Ever Before. NEVER ANY HIDDEN FEES!

Professional Voice Talent Directory - Our Difference

Here at The Voice Realm, all of our professional voice artists are at the top of the industry, with years of experience working for some of the country’s biggest advertisers brands and campaigns. We've booked over 40,000 voice over jobs in the past few years. There's a reason why we are the preferred online voice over directory for thousands of global clients.

So how are we any different?

We Beat Agency Rates


Our online directory is a source for anyone to hire a voice talent without the need for outdated and drawn out processes. Our massive database puts you in contact with voice actors and translators ready to work for you.

We only provide you with top quality professional voice talent with proven track records. Audition our voice talent free!

Our voice over rates are clear and most are buyout, meaning once you pay and the job is complete, the audio is yours to use forever. 

Satisfaction Guarantee


We are so confident in our roster of voice over talent, that we guarantee your satisfaction.

If you are not happy with the vocal delivery from the voice over artist, we offer you the option to select another voice if a second recording has not been received. (certain conditions apply)

We stand behind the quality and professionalism of all our voices. All our talent use only industry standard microphones and approved sound quality.

World Class Security


SSL Security means that we are able to transmit information between our web site and you in a manner that makes it difficult for other people to intercept and read.

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, takes care of this for us and it works through a combination of programs and encryption/decryption routines that exist on the web hosting computer and in browser programs (like Firefox and Internet Explorer).

Look for HTTPS:// in your browser bar when making payment. It means you're safe and secure.

Data Is Backed Up Daily


Files sent from the voice over artists to you are stored safely on our servers.

If you ever need to go back and find a file that was deleted from your local computer, it will always be there waiting for you.

You can even go back to your castings and auditions from last year.

Fast Voice Casting


If you're in a rush and need a quick voice over recording back to you within 4 hours, try out FAST VOICE CASTING system.

Once your script is ready, select a voice from our site, follow the easy steps to secure the talent, then give direction to the talent through our FAST VOICE CASTING system.

World's Best Talent


The best voice over talent

Best sound recording quality

The ability to give feedback and direction directly to the voice

Free and easy voice over website navigation

Great customer service