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If you want to get voice talent to custom record your script, have responses back within an hour, and select the perfect voice for your recording, POST A CASTING NOTICE.

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Gender Female
Languages English (North American)
Ages Teenager
Demo Categories Character / Cartoon, Radio Commercials
Artist Turnaround Time 24 hours
Professional Voice Talent Info
My voice acting is conversational, creative, and can match any character description that is thrown at me. My accent is neutral and has a sweet tone to it (mid-high pitch range). I can voice females and males of the young, preteen, and teenage age range with different attitudes.


Character / Cartoon Radio Commercials

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get my recording back?

Each voice talent has their general 'turnaround time' listed above. This is not a guarantee but each voice will endevour to get back your recording in the quickest time. The sooner you hire them, the faster you'll have your recording back.

How much will it cost to hire this voice?

This depends on how long the script is and what the recording is going to be used for. If it's not going to be used on television, radio, the internet or a phone system, there's a good chance it will fall into 'non-broadcast'. All the rates can be found on the voice over rates page.

Can I listen to this voice record my script?

If this voice talent offers Phone/Skype Patch or ISDN/, Source Connect, ipDTL, or SoundStreak facilities, then you can hear them record in real time. One of the big differences between us and other websites is that ALL of our voice talent are professionals, so most of the time if you give them good, clear direction with the script, or point out a style in one of their demos that you like, they'll be able to replicate it for you without the need to listen in meaning you get your recording back sooner.

Can I check that the voice is available or audition them before I hire them?

You sure can! If a voice is UNAVAILABLE their profile would be hidden. So if you can see them, they are available and can record for you. If you need to audition a voice or check that they will be available to record at a specific time you can message them through the 'CONTACT / FREE AUDITION' link next to their photo.

How do I make payment? What forms of payment do you accept?

You simply click HIRE VOICE TALENT NOW next to their profile picture. The system will then lead you through. Prior to sending the script, you make pre-payment with a credit card which we hold onto. This protects you and the voice actor. When you're happy with the recording you click a button to close the job and release the funds. You'll also receive an instant tax invoice! We accept major credit cards and PayPal.

Can the voice talent add music or edit the recording into smaller files?

Yes most talent offer these production services. However you must provide the voice with the music you want mixed with the voice.You also need to pay a small extra fee for this service. From 'Box number 2' when making payment, just add 'Production Of Audio'.

There's lots more answers to common questions on our main F.A.Q. page.