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Radio & TV Commercial Voices

Get access to national voice talent that appear on radio and television commercials for the biggest brands around the globe.

Training & E-learning Voiceovers

Our voice actors are experts in e-learning and training videos. We can deliver your files complete and ready to use.

Internet Video Voiceovers

Is your audio only going to be used online? We have special discounted rates. Making an explainer or whiteboard video?

Telephone Voice Recordings

It's been proven that by using a professional voice, you'll keep callers holding on longer. Resulting in more sales!

Business & Training Recordings

We work with many Fortune 500 companies to put together audio for business meetings, AGM's and corporate presentations.

Audio Book Voiceover Narrators

We have a large selection of experienced voice talent who have recorded hundreds of hours of audiobooks. Browse some of them.


Male Voice Over Talent

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Use the same casting site that the big advertising agencies use!

We only list the most experienced and dedicated voice talent on our site.

You won't find any amateurs here that waste your time, missing deadlines and not responding.

If you don't find the perfect voice for your project then you don't need to pay.

Need to hire a voice actor in a hurry? Look for voice talent with 4 hour turnaround times.

We've got the best guarantee in the business. It's why we are used by advertising agencies and casting companies around the world.

Hire a voice over artist online right now.


Get FREE auditions of your script right now. If you don't find what you're looking for, you don't pay. Our system sends your script out to hundreds of voice talent who record a custom sample for you.

  • Simple & FREE to use
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  • No hidden fees
  • Our voice actors can add music to your recording

You need to hire a professional voice over? We can help! If you don't find a voice that you like, you don't pay. It couldn't be easier.

Listen to Samples
Audition Voice Actor FREE
Make Payment. Download Audio

Why Use a Professional?

Research shows that listeners are more likely to retain messages that are delivered by a professional voice talent.

Voice overs is more than just about any voice reading a script. A professional can deliver your message in a credible, friendly and persuasive way.

Our voice recording service gives you instant access to the best voice actors in the world.

You'll increase sales, click-through rates and increase the amount of time you grab a potential customers attention by using an experienced vocal expert.

Our site is so easy to use, that now anyone can find and hire the same dedicated sound that comes from studios of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Sydney and other international and local cities.

Let us help you hire voice over artists online and find the perfect actor for your project. You'll save money, time and our automated system handles invoices and receipts instantly.

Get casting today!

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