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On-hold voicemails and phone greetings for phone systems are the perfect opportunity to inform clients about your services. You need to use a professional voice actor so the message is understood!

Our system is so simple to use. You can AUDITION VOICE TALENT FOR FREE before you decide. There is no risk. Our rates are affordable for the quality of talent we list.

Low pricing from US$55 using our QUICKcast app. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed! Fully self-service and used by clients around the globe.

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  • Cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to have found Voice Realm! Their easy to use platform, vast array of talent and speed made what I anticipated was going to be a complicated project into a solution in less than 24 hours. Highly recommended

    Paul M. Pantozzi II / Founder, Title Team

  • I was looking for Spanish talent and did a Google search and discovered the Voice Realm. Their site was easy to navigate and my client immediately chose the talent suggestion I pulled from it.
    The talent did an amazing job and we were able to meet a quick deadline and make a client very happy. Thanks guys!

    Tim McLarty / Owner, Ontrack Communications Inc.

  • The talent has been top notch and very willing to get things done right, and in a timely manner.
    It's obvious that the talent has first rate, professional recording studios. We have had voice talent deliver our audio as quickly as 2 hours...with with all breaths and extraneous noise already removed! AMAZING!
    The Voice Realm is our new "Go To" solution for voiceover work!

    Tom O'Reilly / President, O'Reilly + Associates, Inc

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We only list the most experienced and dedicated voice talent on our site.

You won't find any amateurs here that waste your time, missing deadlines and not responding.

If you don't find the perfect voice for your project then you don't need to pay.

Need to hire a voice actor in a hurry? Look for voice talent with 4 hour turnaround times.

We've got the best guarantee in the business. It's why we are used by advertising agencies and casting companies around the world.

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    Get FREE auditions of your message right now. If you don't find what you're looking for, you don't pay.

    Our system sends your script out to hundreds of voice talent who record a custom voicemail for you.

    • Simple & FREE to use
    • Access our huge database of professional voices
    • No hidden fees
    • Our voice actors can add music to your recording

    You need a new phone greeting voicemail? We can help! We are the number one source to save money and get a professional recording. It couldn't be easier.

  • Huge Database of Talent
    Foreign Language Actors
    Translation Service
    Affordable Voiceover Rates

    Voiceover Professionals for Phone Systems

    Research shows that listeners are more likely to retain messages that are delivered by a professional voiceover.

    A professional can deliver your message in a credible, friendly and persuasive way.

    Our service has helped thousands of customers connect with global voices for years.

    You'll increase sales, on-hold rates and increase the amount of time you grab a potential customers attention by using an experienced vocal expert.

    Recording in professional studios of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Sydney and other international and local cities, our website is so simple to use, now anyone can find and hire freelance experts.

    You'll save money, time and our online voice recording service handles invoices and receipts instantly.

    Get casting right now, absolutely FREE!

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