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This talent is presently away until Sunday 16th June 2024. You can still hire them and they will record upon their return.




English (North American), English (British)


Yng Adult (18-29), Adult (30-50)

Turnaround Time

24 hours


I also record for clients on weekends


Friendly, Conversational, Elegant, and Smooth. Whether it's Subway commercials, voicing characters on Cartoon Network, narrating instructional videos for Facebook, or pitching network promos, Bryan provides a dynamic range of voice-over wizardry. And when it comes to producing pristine, lush voice-overs for your project, Bryan can deliver!



Warm, Heartfelt

Television Spots

Conversational, Confident

Character / Cartoon

Scottish, British, Southern

Explainer Videos

Friendly, Professional

Phone Greetings / On Hold

British, Humorous

Tour Guide

Travel, Inspiring, Inviting


British, Educational

Political Spots

Non-Aggressive Political Ad

Movie Trailers

National Geographic Promo

Movie Trailers

Warm, Uplifting, Classy

Movie Trailers

Scrubs Promo, Funny

Television Spots

Texan, Southern, Friendly

Television Spots

Friendly, Attractive, Elegant

Television Spots

Friendly, Genuine, Inspiring

Television Spots

British Commercial Demo Reel

Television Spots

High Energy, Animated

Television Spots

Fun, Hard Sell

Television Spots

Standard Car Commercial

Television Spots

Delta - Warm, Inviting

Radio Commercials

Quirky, Old Time Radio

Radio Commercials

Powerful, Professional

Radio Commercials

Guy Next Door, Storyteller

Radio Commercials

Powerful, Aggressive

Radio Commercials

High Energy, Fast, Friendly


Bryan is a male voice actor located in Murrieta, United States. Words that describe my voice are Conversational, Friendly, Millennial.


Spanish - Spain (Castilian)

English (North American)

Spanish (Mexican)

English (North American)

English (North American)

Spanish (Mexican)


NBC - Peacock Streaming Service, The Cooking Channel, Scholastic, Netflix Film Club, Purina, Subway



Each voice talent has their general 'turnaround time' listed above. This is not a guarantee but each voice will aim to get back your recording in the quickest time. The sooner you hire them, the faster you'll have your recording back! Some talent provide 4 hour turnaround time for clients that need something super fast. To find out who is available right now to get something back within a few hours, we strongly recommend posting a FREE JOB NOTICE.

This depends on how many words are in the script and where the recording will be used. If it's not going to be used on television, radio or a phone system, there's a good chance it will fall into 'Non-Broadcast'. If it's going to be used on the internet then it would fall into 'Internet Only'. All the rates can be found on the Voice Over Rates page.

If this voice talent offers Phone/Skype Patch or ISDN, Source Connect, ipDTL, or SoundStreak facilities, then you can hear them record in real time. There is a small additional fee for this. One of the big differences between us and other websites is that ALL of our voice talent are professionals, so most of the time if you give them good, clear direction with the script, or point out a style in one of their demos that you like, they'll be able to replicate it for you without the need to listen in meaning you get your recording back sooner.

You sure can! Our voice talent are full time voice actors, not hobbyists like on other sites. If a voice is UNAVAILABLE a logo will be clearly displayed on their profile along with their anticipated return date. If you need to audition a voice or check that they will be available to record at a specific time you can message them through the 'CONTACT / FREE AUDITION' link on their profile. Where it asks for a script, just mention that it's 'still being developed'.

You simply click HIRE VOICE TALENT NOW next to their profile picture. The system will then lead you through. Prior to sending the script, you make pre-payment with a credit card which we hold onto. This protects you and the voice actor. When you're happy with the recording you click a button to close the job and release the funds. You'll also receive an instant tax invoice! We accept major credit cards and PayPal. We can also set up accounts with long term clients.

For jobs of less than 750 words you are able to request an additional two full re-records for changes in VOCAL TONE AND STYLE after the first full recording is delivered. If you change any part of the script after the voice actor records, small REVISION FEES apply. These are shown on the Voice Talent Rates page.

We strongly recommend asking the voice actor for a few 30 second samples of varying styles to get the tone and speed correct before they record the entire script.

Recordings that are made for NON-BROADCAST use, including phone messages and YouTube clips, E-learning, audiobooks, personal use etc are buyout in perpetuity. Meaning you own the recording for use in any 'non-broadcast' use forever with no additional fees.

For BROADCAST recordings used as TV, Radio, or Internet Commercial spots, these licences are for 1 years usage from the date of recording. Buyout in perpetuity (unlimited usage forever) for these is double the rate.

Recordings with multiple category uses should have all applicable rates selected.

Yes most talent offer these production services. However you must provide the voice with the music you want mixed with the voice. You also need to pay a small extra fee for this service. Make sure you add 'PRODUCTION' when you hire them.

All our voice actors have professional broadcast quality recording studios. They record using professional microphones, not using cheap plastic microphones like you'll get at other websites. After all, they are representing your brand and product, and the sound reflects on the quality of your business, so you should have the best for a recording that's going to be used for years!

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This voice is currently unavailable to record but has indicated they will return on Sunday 16th June 2024.

You can still hire them, but they won't be able to return your audio to you until this day.