Deb Munro - Voice Over Coach


English (North American)


A coach that truly cares about your results, not just your pocketbook!  A full time talent/Coach with over 25 years experience. VO Chef Deb is a working talent who works hard to be the coach that she would want for herself.  A Veteran in the online world this is a talent who practices what she preaches. With a passion for voicing and a need to share, Deb truly cares.


First Session – Assessment Session

-          Personality Profiling – (we need to know who you are to sell you to the rest of the world)

-          Working on copy of your choice with direction

-          Skill Assessment (Figure out what genres we should work on first)

-          Delivery tips & techniques based on your readiness

-          Demo critique/suggestions (If you already have one created)

-          Session breakdown and homework assignments

-          Upload a recording of your session for review


Second Session - Skill Acrobats

-          Each session will be customized based on the readiness and needs of the talent

-          Work on homework assignments (directed recorded session)

-          Assess techniques such as breathing, placement vocal issues etc.

-          Acting and/or Broadcasting techniques to help enhance your read and connect to text

-          Character Creations – creating a variety of characters getting you prepped towards creating demos. (Characters are in EVERY SCRIPT so don’t just think animation here)

-          Assign homework for following session


Third Session – Take your skills on a test drive

-          Work on homework scripts from previous sessions

-          Record more scripts with direction

-          Start working on demo copy

-          Introduce more techniques for demo readiness

-          Assign final script homework for final session

-          Discuss final objectives for final session


Fourth Session – The Wrap Up

-          Work on final homework (or demo copy assessment if ready)

-          Guide talent for future direction for career enhancement

-          Marketing tips and techniques

-          Recording of ALL sessions

-          Final assessment with clear direction


No false compliments and sugar coating here, however Deb is tactful and caring.  She is efficient and wants to get you the quickest results and best value for your dollar, so you will only get 100% honesty!   With a proven track record of successful students, Deb is a great choice for your training needs.  All sessions are recorded for your review and quickest growth.  

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