Be Not Afraid of Self-Promotion

Self-promotion is a word that is feared, almost a taboo word even for an experienced freelance voiceover. It is ironic that even as professional communicators, a lot of voiceover actors shy away from self-promotion.

Is it because most people are raised to be modest that even the most confident voice talent would have second thoughts promoting his/her own career? Or is it the images of what self-promotion means – of handing out business cards, or doing cold calls to prospective clients, or the prospect of going door to door to various studios and agencies that stops the voice talent on his/her tracks.

As a freelance voiceover, you are not backed up by a huge marketing firm so IF YOU DON’T PROMOTE, WHO WILL?

With the world literally in your hands… you are just a swipe or a click away of going global.

The good news is that you have all the control over your marketing. The bad news is that you have to do the work. It may sound daunting, but you don’t need to feel overwhelmed.

All you need to do is start at the beginning. BE READY!

Invest enough to get proper training and push yourself to be at a level that you are reasonably competent. You don’t need to be perfect, otherwise you will be waiting for a long time. You get to learn more things along the way. And the more you work, the more you learn.

Self-promotion is part of every voiceover career. As soon as you stand in front of that mic and record your demo or audition, the quality of the work you do will determine how you will be thought of by the clients.

When you adopt a professional attitude – performing your best all the time and always striving to be an easy person to work with – you will be surprised how much good word gets around.

There are thousands of ways to market online or in person, but the first step to self-promotion or attracting clients is simply doing your work – VOICEOVER! So don’t have to be afraid of marketing yourself because you are already doing it.  Everything you do as a voiceover is part of the process – get out there and do your best work!