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What is Voice Over?

Voice over is a term used to refer to a production technique wherein a voice that is not part of the narrative is used in radio, film, television, theatre, or presentation. It is also known as off-stage or off-camera commentary. Nowadays, voice over can also refer to any number of device where voice is used…

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Planning for Your First Demo

If your VOICE is your commodity, then your DEMO is your most essential marketing tool. A quality demo separates the professional actor from the untrained enthusiast trying to make it into the industry. Being new to the industry is not an excuse to distribute to agencies, casting directors or producers a poorly made demo.  Like…

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Getting Started in Voiceover

With the increased popularity of animation, video games and other voiceover related projects, we see more and more enthusiasts wanting to cross over from being mere fans to becoming a certified voiceover professional.  But it takes more than having a little knowledge about the industry, or a little know-how in using microphones or recording software,…

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