A Quick List of Self-Promotion and Marketing Methods

Once you are done taking the first steps in self-promotion – investing on proper training and producing quality voiceover work and demo, you can now explore other self-promotion and marketing methods.

Like any marketing strategy, self-promotion requires investment of time and money, so no need to rush in doing everything all at once. Focus on the one method to implement at a time. Learn how to do it well, and once you are confident that you have all the grounds covered, it is time to plan and execute.


Self-Promotion and Marketing Methods you can implement

1. Social Media – As you can now find almost everyone online in one form or another, connecting with other voiceover talents, producers, casting directors, engineers, clients and other industry folks is now easy as a click of a button. Connect and shamelessly promote your work through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and other sites for social networking. Though it will only take a few minutes to create your online profiles, it is best first to learn some pros and cons, and dos and don’ts before plunging into the social media melee. There are numerous social media marketing helpful tools and tips online that can assist you in getting started.

2. Video – Though a voiceover’s “product” is their VOICE, it is not unreasonable to invest on creating some visuals as well, as videos have more chances of being found on search engines, thus improving your online visibility. With the gaining popularity of voiceovers as a career, the curiosity as to how it works also increased. It is also almost now customary for any new animation, video game or other mainstream VO projects to post “behind the scenes” videos. Capitalize on this by posting online videos of you working, or upload clips of projects you were involved in.

3. Press Releases– Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but still a marketing effort that you can truly benefit from. Send press releases to the media when you have something to announce. Are you working on a big project or just recently concluded one – go ahead and share the news!  List it online on websites like prlog.com or prnewswire.com and other press release sites, so that there is a permanent record online.  (Make sure you sign it off with your client that you are free to promote your involvement in their campaign or project.) And never say no to any media opportunities!

4. Online Voiceover Websites Joining an online voiceover marketplace or platform is the closest thing you can get from having a website without all the trouble and cost of actually owning one. With the slow shift of recording in a traditional studio in key cities to doing all the work in your professional home studio; when more clients are going online to search for voiceover talents instead of opening up a phone book to ring agencies and casting directors, it is inevitable for a voiceover talent to have at least one membership in a voiceover casting site. It is a great way to advertise your work, through your demos and profile. It gives you online visibility to work with not just the local clients but also get a shot at global opportunities. Let your online profile do the talking – share your profile links to all your social media sites.

5. Website – This can be the most daunting marketing method that you may have to face – what with the cost and planning involved. However, once you have set up a website that reflects your brand, gives a clear direction of what you do, and you are able to maximize all the features a website can offer, it can be the most beneficial marketing effort you would have done. Get educated in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get a good ranking in search engines. Use it to link up your social media sites, your video channels, your voice casting profiles – utilize all features it to generate potential clients.

6.Networking– Increase your list of friends, fans and clients. Get out of your recording booth and meet people in the flesh!  Attend voiceover industry events, conferences, and forums – even events by industries that has close tie-up with the VO industry – animators, sound engineers and the like. This exposes you to learning new things as well as meeting new people that can lead you to great opportunities.

Something Extra

Teach – Share something back to the industry. You may start by writing a blog, or by teaching voice acting in your community. This is a great way to show off your knowledge, and gain a few new customers. Clients love working with people who know what they are talking about – be known as an expert in the industry. This may not be for everyone though.  Aside from showing off your knowledge and skill as a voice actor, you should also have the right teaching or writing skills to pull it off.

These are just some methods you can work and plan on as you start your marketing initiative. And even as these methods are dubbed as “self-promotion” the focus should be less about yourself, and more of what you can do. As this is a business, all efforts should still be client-centric. When you market yourself, think of FEATURES and BENEFITS – wherein you feature yourself, but highlight the benefits that your client can get from working with you.

What other ways do you promote yourself?  Share your ideas on how to get the word out.