What Successful Voice Over Talents Have in Common


How do you define success? For some, it is exceeding financial goals. Maybe it’s fame or self-fulfillment. And for others, a more noble reason – creating a positive impact on the lives of their clients and others.

Whatever your reason may be, the goal is to find ways to make that success tangible. While there isn’t a single recipe for success, there are best practices that can lead you into that direction.

Here are some factors that successful voice over artists have in common:

They wear many hats

The skills are not just behind the microphone. They wear many hats – from their own audio engineer, agent, director, marketing manager, and more.


They know when to delegate

They may wear many hats, but they do know how to delegate. They don’t overwhelm themselves with tasks that are not focused on building the business.


They maximize the use of social media

They have recognized the power of social media and has taken the steps to have the online visibility the business needs


They know the ins and outs of the business

They know their numbers – how much cash flow they need run the business, their gross and net profit percentage and margins, etc.


They continue to learn

Even with their many years of experience, they continue to learn about the industry. They find ways to improve their craft and take initiatives to better the business.


They pass on their best practices

A successful voice over is an influencer in the industry. They pass on their best practices and share their experience so that everyone in their circle can grow.


They foster a great relationship with the community

Aside from being an influencer, they are a member and contributor to the industry – from participating and even initiating events and conferences to actively seeking connections and connecting others.


They set high goals

Mediocrity is non-existent. They set high goals for themselves and holding themselves to high expectations has a huge effect on attainment.


They accept rejections

They know that rejection is part of the business, and they recognize that focusing on it can be emotionally taxing and counterproductive. They move on and devote their energy on the future.


They create a strong brand

Even with thousands of competition online and offline, they stand out with their strong and unique identity. They recognize that great skills need to be partnered with an effective branding in order to thrive.

Success is not about comparing yourself to what others have achieved; it is all about your personal growth, goal and accomplishments. It is creating your own list of best practices that would lead you to the success you desire.

At the end of the day, success is being able to do something you absolutely love that brings out the best in you – knowing that your talents and abilities were used in way that it made a difference to others.

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