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Advantages of Voice Acting in Students Lives

  Many students today need to earn an extra buck to help ease the pressure of school expenses. Things have changed over time, meaning...

Making Your VO Website Mobile Friendly is a MUST

“In recent years, Google has been pushing more and more to ensure all websites are mobile friendly. This makes sense as mobile searches have...


The Elements of a Great Voice Over Demo

A voice actor’s best friend on their journey to a secure and ongoing voice over career is a voice over demo. Why is a...

Repeat Client

Voice Actor’s Secret to Getting Repeat Clients

Who would want to settle on one-time voice over projects and squeeze their source of income solely out of jobs taken by chance and with no promise of repeat? It’s sure as hell every voice actor’s business goal — to establish a strong customer relationship and make recurring clients.

wordpress for voice over website

Using WordPress for your Voice Over Websites

After being able to pump out a superb voice over demo, the next thing that we all know is placing that demo in a...


When Voice Actors Become Social Media Braggarts

Because everyone else seems to breathe on social media, we all fall prey to the temptations of sharing our good news, and voice actors are one of the entrepreneurs who enjoy the free powerful tool for self-promotion. After all, what’s the point of social media if we can’t post about the great things going on in our voice acting career?

The State of Online Voiceover Casting for Talents

The State of Online Voiceover Casting for Talents

Businesses are increasingly moving online and as a voice actor, you actually run your own business so you wouldn’t want to get left behind.

How Voice Actors Can Toot Their Trumpet Without Blowing It

How Voice Actors Can Toot Their Trumpet Without Blowing It

“You have to do a little bragging on yourself even to your relatives — man doesn’t get anywhere without advertising.”, said former Vice President of the United States John Nance Garner. However, it can be difficult to gauge whether you are just sharing your voice acting milestones or you are already crossing the line for bragging it blatantly. Thus, as a voice actor per se, you should master how to act your achievements the proper way be it in the flesh or online.


Create a Voiceover Demo Reel that Stands Out

Why is a voice over demo reel so important for a voice over talent? What are the factors that will help you in creating...

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Hilarious Voice Over Narrator Gets Plenty of Attention

Described by the internet and quoted by Kat Chow’s article in as “the best thing about the show” and “one of the show’s...