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New Year, New Career! Start Your Own Podcast This 2020

Podcasts are becoming very popular nowadays.Seems like the old school way of being entertained is making a comeback! Before the Internet, and before the...

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Unpopular Opinion: Why You Should Not Worship Your Work (Including Voice Over)

This article does not aim to wreck your dedication to your voice over job, but rather wants to show you a different perspective that may help improve your working habits and lifestyle.


Reviewing Your Voice Over Business and Planning for the Year Ahead

  Another year has come and gone… how was your 2017? Did you achieve your career goals? Did you reach your financial target? When...


Everything Voiceover with Justin Torres

There is nothing like learning from the pros, especially if you are new to the voice over industry. You would just like to be...


What Are Your Voice Over Goals For 2013?

Did you achieve everything you wanted to in 2012? Have you decided to make changes for the better in the new year? If you’re...