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Voice Recording Position

Positioning Guide For Recording Voice Overs

Generally, if you place the microphone too close to your mouth, you might get that distorted clipping sound. On the other hand, if you position it too far from you, you pick up more ambient noise with the audio being less discernible.

mic stand for voice actors

Guide To Different Mic Stands For Voice Actors

Even if your microphone is worth a king’s ransom, if you are going to literally do your recording by holding it the entire time...


Voice Actor’s Guide in Choosing a Microphone

Your microphone is the linchpin of all your equipment – your best friend in your lifelong career as a voice actor. Despite the magic an audio editing software can do, the quality of your microphone plays the biggest role in determining the overall quality of your voice over recordings. For this ultimate reason, it’s truly a daunting task for voice actors to choose a microphone.

Voiceover Equipment

Voiceover Equipment: A Beginner’s Kit

In this article, we got your back in making your decision upon choosing the primary voice over equipment that are essential if you are just getting started in this lucrative career.


The Pros and Woes of Voice Over Actors in Pajamas

  The engagement in the voice over industry has skyrocketed in the last 10 years with the help of different innovations in the digital...

How Important is a Voiceover Demo?

I’ve taken numerous classes, agent meet and greets, and webinars. In every one of them, it never fails that the floor would be open...

Five Common Voiceover Home Studio Mistakes

So you want to setup a professional home studio? Want to strike out on your own and make a living talking in your closet?...

Soundproofing Your Studio: A New Material For Soundproofing

The anechoic chambers that we know of right now, like the one at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis, utilize sound insulating and dampening components...


Earth’s Quietest Place

Minneapolis is the home of what is known and recorded by the Guinness World of Records as “the quietest place on earth.” The lab...


Your Home Studio Room for Professional Voice Overs

Choosing a room from your home studio is like choosing a location for your business – location should be ideal to the kind of business...