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Voice Artists – Paying it Forward

  Given the unprecedented times we are in and the way people live, work and interact is so different now, and may remain that...

Reasons to Entrust Your Business’ Commercials and Audios to a Voice Over Professional

Marketing goes with the flow. Now that more and more people are getting connected online, people are moving away from reading ads on papers....

Online Voiceover Market for Clients

The State of Online Voiceover Market for Clients

Back in the days of slow internet and limited online resources, you would have needed to physically go to bricks and mortar studio, battling traffic, then spend an entire day casting voice talents. That burden has come to an end in the new millennium where nearly every business has migrated to the online realm.


Voice Over Dilemma – Why Don’t I Get Hired?

It has been said that auditioning is part of the voice over job. Some would even say auditioning IS the job! So as soon...

Voice Acting and Auditions: Takes from Casting Directors

Tough is the career path of a voice actor, who, more often than not, spends most of his time auditioning compared to actually recording...