Meet Male Voice Actor: Larry Wayne

Larry Wayne is your quintessential voice of authority.  The Voice Realm caught up with Larry and chatted about his story and experience in his over three decades of voiceover work.


We would love to know when and how did you discover you had the talent in voice over? How did your career start?

Like so many others, I started in radio. My voice over career actually started when one day a radio sales type asked me if I would do a few spots for a local bank. The buy was market wide, so my ego was stroked big time when I heard my voice on other stations talking about this bank!  And, I got PAID for it!


Do you have a mentor in the industry? What is the most invaluable lesson you have learned from your mentor?

Over the years I have learned and continue to learn much.  Mostly from listening to how other voices narrate projects.  I try to reflect the qualities my dad showed me….which were to provide for my family and be dependable!  I always try, to the best of my ability, to be fair and honest with all my clients and provide them a quality product in less time than they thought.


What are some struggles you have faced as a voice over artist? How did you overcome them?

The struggle for me, still today, after selling my voice for over 3 decades, is to keep the “radio” out. The transition from radio guy to friendly voice has always been a challenge!


What’s your typical day like as a voiceover artist?

After coffee and conversation with my wife of 33 years, I check my email for new projects and work on current jobs.  And as time permits, audition on The Voice Realm!  It is on average a 5 to 6 hour day.  Then I go to my other job, on the air on the K-LOVE radio network, which I also dearly love!


Would you care to share with us your latest project?

There are several.  I am doing an ongoing series of e-learning modules for Lowe’s Home Centers. I recently completed a new module for World Bank.  Also, I have just finished a new round of retail radio for a furniture store in Las Vegas (that one came thru The Voice Realm!)   I am also looking forward to hearing back from ACX for three audio book narrations.


What do you enjoy the most about the industry?

The fact that the way I interpret and record a project might be very different from the way another VO professional would.  We each bring to the table so many differences in our upbringing, education and lifestyle that there are many correct ways to do most any project.  I also love being my own boss!


How’s your experience so far with The Voice Realm?

On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s been a 9.5. For some reason, even though I am on other P2P sites, The Voice Realm has brought me more consistent business than the other sites have.  The minuses for me right now are issues on PayPal fees and I wish you guys would have the option of mailing checks.


With the technology now, competition has become global and not just within your city or country. What have you done to keep up with the change and be on top of your game?

Maybe I’m old school, but I have not much interest in having the latest or greatest anything.  Technology that can help me is different from technology I “must have” just because it is new.  One can easily go off the deep end in new technology and be deeper in debt for no good reason.


What do you recommend?  Setting up a home studio or using a commercial recording facility?

I would not be in business if I had to use someone else’s studio every time I needed to record.  The cost of my studio and any additions to it has more than been paid back many times.   Several thousand dollars is all it takes to get started.  Compared to what the potential income would be, setting up your a home studio is a very wise investment.


Lastly, what advice can you give to a budding voice over?

Practice, practice and then practice some more!  Listen to how other voices read scripts. This industry will return rewards to you, but it will not be overnight.  How quickly that happens will be in large part be due to your persistence and professional attitude.


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