10 Reasons Why Students Should Consider to Become a Voice Actor

Students are constantly in search of work and the main criteria are usually the salary and convenience. If we combine these two main characteristics, then the profession of a voice actor comes to mind. A voice actor is a person whose voice is spoken by the heroes of films and commercials. He/she is the one who reads informational materials on television and radio stations, an actor at the microphone. But recently, a new round of interest in the profession of a voice actor has arisen. This is due to the growing popularity of audio products – books, pieces of training or training courses for listening. The services of a voice actor to create such products are very in demand. However, if a student decides to combine study with work, sometimes there is absolutely no time left for writing academic papers, in this case, writing service college essay can help, where professionals will write any work for you. Returning to the profession of voice actor, in this article, you will find 10 reasons why you should pay attention to it.


Voice actors are in demand both in the film industry and in television studios, in companies that are engaged in dubbing games, commercials, etc. A voice actor can work as a freelancer, finding projects or vacancies on remote work sites. Offline, the work of a professional voice actor is in demand in the following areas and organizations:

  • TV
  • Radio stations
  • Theaters
  • Concert halls
  • Stations, airports, metro, etc.
  • Enterprises with an internal radio network
  • Production studios
  • Companies developing audio products


Voice acting is creative work, everyone with a basic musical education can master this profession. The most important thing for the voice actor is his/her voice and ability to manage it, the ability to convey the desired emotional message in accordance with the prescribed tasks. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in singing, music and world art culture


Work involves collaboration with famous and very interesting people. Additionally, you may find even prospects for new job.

It is Interesting

The sound solution of the film can rightfully be considered a real work of art, because a film with poor voice acting will never interest the audience. The voice actor creates real stories using improvised materials: ready-made sound recordings, objects, and rooms needed to simulate sound, instruments. It is he/she who breathes life into the film, forcing the actors in the frame to talk, the sea to make noise, raindrops to pound on the ground and objects.

Possibility of Remote Work

The voice actor is attracted by the free schedule. The undoubted advantage is the fact that you do not need to spend 2-3 hours a day on the way to the office and back, which means that it is possible to devote more time to study or other matters. Also, you may save money that you would spend on the road. In addition, working from home you do not need an office suit, which means that you can very well save on office style clothes. For some, it is also important to design a home workplace to own taste, regardless of corporate rules. In houses, even walls help and creative work often requires inspiration and calm.

Freelance Opportunity

The voice actor can work as a freelancer, finding projects or vacancies on remote work sites. Here we can talk not only about freedom from office conventions but also about freedom of choice of work because a freelancer can choose projects and customers him/herself in accordance with his/her interests and capabilities.

Good Salary

If the voice is recognizable, the fee is not limited. The services of a well-known voice actor in the region for recording only one 30-second commercial can be paid several hundred dollars. Part-time beginners (e.g. students) can earn about $ 500 a month. With the growth of experience and the volume of work, fees will increase.

Wide Profile

Specialists often work not only with voice acting and sound special effects, but also perform the duties of a sound engineer and editor, being employees of a wide profile. They should be able to look for the right voices reflecting the character of different heroes, find sounds that will complement the plot, perfectly fitting into the timing.

Career Prospects

A voice actor’s career can develop in various directions, it all depends on where the specialist works. The most striking examples are professionals who have a strong association with the voice of a foreign actor or a specific broadcast. The viewer can no longer imagine a different sound. Therefore, voice recognition fully determines the success of the voice actor.


A successful specialist can become the owner of a domestic or international award. In addition, people may begin to recognize you by voice.

To Sum up:

For a long time, it was the voice actor who was the “visiting card” of a channel or station, his/her voice giving clear associations with a certain company. Now almost anyone can become a voice actor if he/she manages his/her own voice. The voice actor reads various texts, depending on the specialization. A professional can take part in the preparation of not only short messages, but also transmission cycles. In this case, you can work without leaving your home – sending audio files over the Internet. So if you have a good and memorable voice, or you just love to read aloud, we advise you to try yourself in the profession of a voice actor.

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