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How Do I Get More Voice Acting Jobs?

Technological advances opened a lot of opportunities for voice actors. This also expanded the platforms in which voice acting is needed. Voice actors are...

Break Barriers to have a Breakthrough

Some voice over talents grow their smoothly, while others remain stuck and never make a break. Do you wonder why? In every journey there...

Voice Over as an Effective Tool in Radio Imaging

Whatever you do, you need to be unique in order to stand out. How would your radio station rise to the top? Radio imaging...

In Choosing An Agent

Nowadays, a lot of voiceover websites who act as agents for you exist, and since you are living in the 21st century, online scams...

The State of Online Voiceover Casting for Talents

The State of Online Voiceover Casting for Talents

Businesses are increasingly moving online and as a voice actor, you actually run your own business so you wouldn’t want to get left behind.


John Stretton, the One-Stop-Shop Voice Talent

  Versatile Australian voice over John Stretton is what clients would call the “one-stop-shop” talent. In his over 18 years of experience he has...


Making You Discoverable in Voice Over Job Searches

In the increasingly competitive world of voice over industry, getting the next contract is difficult unless you have an established name and client base,...


The Risks of Hiring Voice Over Talents in a Freelancer Site

  Freelancing has been around for decades (maybe even a couple of hundred years) with artists, writers, consultants peddling their services through good old...


Want to WIN some really awesome recording equipment?

We’ve heard stories of dedicated voice artists before. Stories of artists recording the from some makeshift studio in a office corner, just to audition...

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