Do I Need Voice Overs for My Videos? Yes!


Now that most jobs are done virtually, doing your presentations is quite a challenge, especially if you are used to just creating simple PowerPoint presentations. Of course, whether you are a student reporting in class, or an employee presenting your sales pitch, you mostly do the talking. However, the current situation offers a different scenario.

Either you present via Zoom or BlueJeans, or you simply send your videos to your clients. The situation now raises the question, “do I need to put voiceovers in my video?” The answer is yes.

Why is there a need for voiceovers in my video?

Branding and better understanding. It is always important to leave your mark. Voice overs in a sense, are not simply for narrating. There may be scenarios where your videos cannot do all the explaining that needs to be done. Voice overs are essential for hearing and understanding are correlated. After hearing things, your brain processes it to help you understand stuff.

Voiceovers can be personalized and there are several articles that you can read to help you nail that recording. However, if you are trying to close a deal that could make a big difference in your career, it is best that you ask for help from professional voice actors.

How effective are voiceovers?

Voiceovers are effective. How? I bet you have one jingle from a tv commercial from your childhood that you can still memorize to this day. There might also be an instance when you are not hungry but you heard a fast-food commercial from the radio while driving, and you ended up going to a drive-thru. That’s how voiceovers are able to help our brains visualize more.

As mentioned earlier, hearing plays a big role in understanding. So in addition to the visual things we see at the movies or shows, voiceover helps us absorb the material more. Voiceovers are used to attract specific audiences. Let’s stray away for a little bit. Try watching a horror movie without the background noise. Bet Pennywise and Valak would not be as scary.

Think about it. If you are going to put voiceovers from an effective script, you can ace whatever project you are working on.

Is it important to use the right voice?

Of course! There are several reasons why you have to choose the right voice for your video project. This is the crucial decision that you have to make when you have decided to add a voice over for your project. What’s the sense of having a super eye-pleasing presentation when the voiceover does not give it justice? Choosing the right voice for your video can help you in several ways.

First, it can help you establish your brand. Like, when you hear this voice, your project or business will come into mind. You will be distinct. Second, successfully choosing the right voice can add flavors to your project. It is not enough to show that the kid is enjoying your new product. Hearing a kid say “yay I love this brand!” can help entice viewers into buying the same product to see it for themselves. Third, hiring the right voice actor can help set the correct mood and tone of your project. How? They are trained to do so.

If you have decided to use your own recorded voiceover for your video, you would have to decide on what tone to use, and how would you like your video to be presented. Do you want to sound excited? Scared? Inviting? You would need to practice in order to record the outcome that you have in your mind. Would it be better if I hire a voice actor to do the voice over for me?

In our opinion, yes. There is a reason why there are professional voice actors. If your project is for a one-time thing like class reporting or for monthly meetings, it is understandable if you would rather do it on your own than spend money. However, if you are doing a project and you think it would give birth to more projects in the future, it is best if you seek help from professional voice actors.

Seasoned voice actors can help you achieve that professional finishing touch that you may be looking for because they have this standard. Choosing to hire a voice actor would be a smart one because they have enough experience. Besides doing their part effortlessly, they can share their insights as to how you can further improve your project. You may already have a finished outcome in your brain but chances are, they have something even better in mind.

These may happen a lot of times because they already know what would trigger the interest of different demographics of audiences. They would know what appeals to them most.

Another factor as to why hiring an actor is a wise decision is they already have their recording studios. You would not have to worry about looking for a studio to record especially now that we are in a pandemic. You can give them a deadline, and voila. You already have your voice over for your video.

As mentioned above, a voice actor can help you with branding. They can help you be distinct.

How would Apple be without Siri’s distinct voice? Do you think Amazon would be different without Alexa? The voice actors behind these virtual assistants made their mark and also helped these companies establish their brands. Visual and hearing aid come hand in hand in making an effective video whether it is for personal use or commercial use.

If you are looking for a voice actor to help you with your project, reach out to The Voice Realm and we will help you, pronto. Thinking of maybe doing it all on your own? No problem! There are several articles on this website that could help you. You can even check out Voice Over Herald for the equipment that you might need.

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