Voice Overs Can Help You Get Many Followers on Social Media


In 2020, when someone tells you that their full-time job is they are a full-time content creator, it does not sound ridiculous. A content creator is someone who creates entertaining or educational materials on online and offline platforms.

I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking about YouTube and TikTok content creators. Yes, they are creators but bloggers, voice actors, and such are also content creators. Their main goal is to be able to generate materials that would appeal to a specific audience. YouTube has surpassed puberty, and so are most of the social media platforms. Gone are the pixelated and low-quality video days. Starting from its nerdy phase back in 2005, YouTube version 2020 can help you survive even the zombie apocalypse, for you can find such tutorials on the platform.

YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide sitting pretty next to Facebook. According to Oberlo, 79% of internet users say that they use the social media platform. I mean why would people not prioritize YouTube? It has many uses. It can be used for marketing, entertainment, education, and so on.

Now that a lot of things can be done virtually, a lot of people coped up with it and thought of utilizing it to earn money. YouTube alone has a reported 37 million channels, meaning 37 million content. If you are looking to start on content creating, you need to do research. We can help you with one thing though. It is about voiceovers on videos.

Why is this so important on videos? Keep reading. What are the benefits of putting voiceovers in your social media videos? YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, name it. All of these platforms have video contents where you can learn a lot of things and be entertained at the same time. Besides the visual aid, content creators also create videos that have a voiceover in it. You can say that voiceovers are important for social media videos because people would get tired of listening to generic happy music from Pixabay and such. Kidding!

Going back to business, as a content creator, it is better if your videos have voiceovers. Why? Voice overs give your videos a personality. Since your content is your business, it would not hurt to give it a personal touch. Besides visual depictions of your content, adding your voice would make your mark on your videos. It wouldn’t be so bad to be distinct among others? Wouldn’t it be nice that people would recognize you by just hearing your voice in your videos?

Also, if you would do this, you can make your videos more personalized. You can make your content more engaging after doing this. It adds flavor to videos. As I have mentioned above, using generic downloadable music for your videos can bore viewers. If your content is educational, you have to bear in mind that there are different types of learners: there are some who are visual, and some who learn by listening. You have to appeal to all types of viewers. In addition, your accents, tone, expressions, and all of those sorts can give your videos the dynamic it needs. It can make your videos stand out. Do you find yourself skipping a 30-second ad that has no audio, but watch a 5-minute ad because of its interesting voice over when you could have skipped it minutes ago?

The quirky and short voice overs made these advertisements appealing to the audience, making it entertaining. If you were to adapt this in your content, people will surely end up watching your whole video because it is informative and entertaining at the same time. It makes your video understandable. Besides the fact that voice overs can be used as a filter for a lack of visual aid in your videos, and it can make your dull videos lively, voiceovers can also help you narrate your videos better. There are social media personalities that use voiceovers for their videos. One of which is the Ozzy Man, Ethan Marrell.

The Australian-born YouTuber became popular on social media platforms because of his reviews about tv shows, games, or viral videos. Why did he stand out? He uses voiceover for his content. Satirical but somehow factual voice overs. His unique take on his content gave him 4.3M followers worldwide. His videos landed him a voiceover gig for Samsung S8, and Call of Duty. Voice over is indeed very strategic for social media videos. Ozzy Man shared the behind scenes of his recording of his review for Game of Thrones Season 7. It is noticeable that he is using a microphone with a pop filter, and you can see that he has editing software. Just like how a voice actor would do, however, his room does not look like it is soundproof. He also tries to shake himself to relax before recording. Amazing how his simple voiceovers gave him a full-time job and fame?

If you have watched Ozzy Man’s behind the scenes, you would realize that it took him the time to record. He doesn’t simply blab stuff, he thought of it. That one thing is important if you are thinking about putting voice overs to your videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqqxWpQhRnA

If you want to know more about voiceover, you can check out articles on The Voice Realm. Perhaps you are looking to buy voice acting equipment, we recommend visiting Voice Over Herald for that. You may be also looking for people who will help you start with your voice acting career, we got you. What are your thoughts on putting voice-over in your content? Share it with us!

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