Who’s Booking Voice Over Jobs And Why?

Here at The Voice Realm I get a behind the scenes look at every job and audition that goes through the site, essentially a quality control check to make sure the client and voice talent are both looked after. It’s during this process that I get to see who’s booking jobs and I’ve come to my own conclusions as to why I think some voice talent stand out.

Some voice talent believe they need to include a laundry list of almost every client they’ve ever voiced for. The fact is most clients don’t care. They hit the play button and they either think your voice is the right one for their script, they think you could possibly be, or they don’t think you’re a match. When a client is sorting through 50-100 auditions, they are rarely going to read all the notes.

A simple pleasantry will suffice. The first 10 seconds of your demo and custom auditions is what sells you. This is also why it’s not advised to slate files at The Voice Realm. Your demo and profile are connected to your audition through the entire casting process.

So let’s say the client hits play and adjusts his volume to the first audition. I can pretty much safely say the second audition will have minimal chance at this job. Most clients booking voice talent through online voice casting websites have little to no technical experience.

They would believe that this voice actor’s sound was inferior. You should normalize (without peaking) all sound files when submitting for auditions. In almost all jobs we see booked, the custom demo has a nice rich, strong sound.

And in case you’re wondering, it was the second last file in this group that booked the job.

The final piece of advice I can give is to treat every client as your most important customer. Remember they are paying you, not the other way around.

It’s incredible the amount of messages I see for paid jobs that say ‘Here’s the file, please close the job so I can get paid.’ Why would a client want to hire you again? It doesn’t take much to see if they are satisfied, and ask if there’s anything that needs re-recording. Again, more often than not, voice talent that go above and beyond to make the client happy are booked more than once by the same client.

This post is meant to help voice talent in their online quest to secure more work. I got straight to the point, and hope that some of these tips help you secure more jobs through the site.

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