Got Multiple Voiceover P2P Site Accounts? Which One to Keep?

So you like working at home… and why not!  No running around from studio to studio.  No falling in line waiting for your turn.  No waiting by the phone to hear the good news.  The only “leg-work” you need to do is done by your fingers.  You can put your feet up, enjoy your coffee (or tea) while you check your account for your next big project.  Well…more likely you are checking more than one account.  Truth be told, working at home may sound easy but it doesn’t change the fact that competition in the industry is still stiff.  It maybe even tougher doing it online, as you are not just competing with local talents but also with talents around the world!  So you’ve got to do all you can to market your awesomeness.  It is not uncommon to be part of multiple voiceover P2P (Pay-to-Play) sites… but which one is a keeper?

We caught up with Dorien Jaye, an experienced P2P player, and found out how is life in this exciting and competitive world of P2P.


TVR:  So who is Dorien Jaye?

DJ:  So here is some background…   I am like quite a few out there – Musician turned Radio Broadcaster.  Spent over 30 years on air in New England, while also doing in-house production, voiceover work both for local and regional television stations, and as well as a weather broadcaster for Metro Networks and Hometown Forecast Services.  Technically, I guess you can say I’ve been doing voiceovers for well over 30 years.


TVR:  How long have you been marketing your voiceover business online?  What started it off?

DJ:  I left radio and built a home recording studio in 2009.  That’s when I started using “virtual agents” or online sites like The Voice Realm.


TVR:  You have multiple “virtual agent” sites, right… so how is your experience with them so far?

DJ:  I began using Voice123 with 0 results.  Left them and started up with Voices and VOplanet.  Nada…goose egg!  I went back to this other site and got a couple more jobs.  But I didn’t renew any of those site’s memberships anymore, simply because the results are not worth the cost.   Right now I’m focusing on the one that’s working… Voice Realm.  I’ve had more jobs from there compared to Voices, Voice123, or VOplanet combined I use a couple more others but they too haven’t produced results.  The Voice Realm is at the top of my list.


TVR:  Where have you found greater success marketing your voice to clients is it online or offline?

DJ:  Most of my marketing has been online.  I do feel you also need to locally and regionally market yourself just as much. Personally, I’ve built up a small clientele between the TV stations creative services departments, which keeps my voice out there locally and regionally and a few private companies (car dealers, schools,etc.)


TVR:  Is taking the business online something you can recommend to new voiceover talents?

DJ:  With today’s technology, every new voice talent should not only be honing their craft, but also use every resource available, including coaches and workshops.  P2P online sites serve two purposes…one, you can possibly get work if you voice the right audition and two, you get to practice, practice, practice!


TVR:  What do you like the most working with The Voice Realm?   Is there anything that we can do to improve our service to the talents?

DJ:  What do I like about The Voice Realm?  The customer service!  I like the fact that I can speak with someone right away to confirm or troubleshoot any problems.  That’s important!   I also like the variety of auditions and opportunities.  The auditions coming to me seem to fall within the repertoire of styles I’m most comfortable with.  There are of course a few I pass up for one reason or another, but it doesn’t happen often.  The pay scale….okay.  I’d like to see it higher of course.   But I like that you get your foot in the door and can get a repeat client out of it.  I don’t appreciate those sites that are only in it for themselves and giving the talent away for cheap.  It ruins the market on so many levels.

I would like to see more details, especially for vocal direction. Sometimes it’s very vague.  I also love to get feedback from the clients.  There are many times I’ve been selected as a favourite or for consideration, but I don’t get the job I would like to know why.   Was it the read?  The delivery?  The sound of my voice?  What could I have done to nail that audition?  It helps that talents understand their strengths and weaknesses.  I want to continue growing.


TVR:  Thanks Dorien Jaye!  We love knowing how else we can be better for all you great talents with The Voice Realm.

So no matter how many voiceover marketplaces you join, you stick with the one that gives you all the opportunities and most especially one that truly cares…so you can really put your feet up and enjoy your cuppa!


What about you?  How’s your experience so far in all your P2P sites?

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