Hire Professional Voice Talent OR Hire Cheap Voice Talent?

It’s a question that’s sure to get many seasoned voice talent riled up and steaming from the ears.

Voice talent that work from cobbled together cheap home studios and generally offer their  services for less than $50. These ‘voice talents’ generally have other jobs and see this extra work as some pocket money.

The problem for clients is, that what they think is being smart and saving a few bucks actually turns into a nightmare of a situation.

Recording equipment including microphones is often inferior, rooms are not deadened (resulting in the voice echoing), and when it comes to fixing up mistakes or giving a little more direction, the voice is never to be heard from again.

Therefore the client ends up with a cheap sounding recording that is useless.

Professional voice over talent spend years training and perfecting their craft. Invest in expensive recording equipment to give clients the best possible sound. They understand how to take direction and even offer suggestions on how to improve the script.

The best comparison to this situation is when someone buys a $10 shirt because it looks great on the mannequin in the store window. After the first wash it’s pretty much unwearable. You know the story.

Spend an extra $20-$30 and you’ll have a shirt that lasts for years.

Here at The Voice Realm, we’ve carved a fine line for our clients by offering professional voice over actors, at the most reasonable rates around.

There will always be cheap voice talent willing to work for less than the next guy, but is saving a few bucks really worth the hassle?

All our voice over rates are clear with no surprises down the track. Once you pay for a recording, you own the copyright and the recording. It’s known in the industry as buyout.

When you’re next looking to hire an industry professional for your voice recording, look no further than The Voice Realm – Easy Online Voice Casting.


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