How to Make Your Voice Over Business Visible Online: A Guide

The range of voice-over requirements by almost all types of industry through advertisements, infomercials, animation and other types opened more businesses for voice over professionals. Technological advancement,  the highly critical taste, and the creativity of consumers are the reasons for the existence of various voice acting jobs that are available today.

The need for voice actors did not only open doors for the voice-over professionals or for those who aspire to be one. It also opened opportunities for aspiring businessmen to start a business of their own. But the real question is, does starting a business related to voice acting just because it is on trend would make your business successful? Of course, there will be competitors, others like you who would love to make it big in the industry, and those who have been in the industry for years.

In this technological age, online visibility is very important and powerful. Making your brand or your voice-over talents visible online is a very huge factor in establishing a successful artistry in the voice-over business. It is an effective marketing strategy, given the tools and expertise to help package your brand. 

How does one go about establishing an online presence for a voice-over business? The first step is setting up your own website. Having your own domain site gives you better control and management in building your brand. Here are some strategies and tools that are based on the standards of a basic marketing plan for making your business available online:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a process for managing your brand and website to be known. SEO makes your website Google-friendly for keywords you want your brand to be known for. Just as when you type Apple in the search bar, it would show you results like their new iPhone11, and Beats for Dr. Dre’s wireless headphones.

How does SEO help your online presence? A “buzz” or traffic will be made by multiplying the number of times your keywords are used across social media platforms and other sites. In this case, keywords like voice over, voice acting, voiceover jobs, and the like, when used in different platforms would make your website more visible that it comes up even through predictive texts of other search engines and websites.

  1. Establish good public relations.

Exposure is very much important. Research on good online magazines where you can submit an article about your voice over business.. Or, the article may cover an event or charity where your voice-over talents were showcased. By doing this, you will be exposed to people who read the online magazine. People would be able to read the good stuff about your business, and they will get an idea of how your business works, and of course, it would make readers curious about you. An established online magazine mentioning you? What a dream!

  1. Develop online partnerships.

Connect with professionals in the voice over business by joining in a network or virtual community of voice over professionals. It will be ideal if this network of partners complement each other’s expertise or is mutually beneficial. You know what they say, birds of the same feather, flock together. But making friends in the business world would make you birds soar together.

  1. Interactive advertising

If you have a budget for experts who could help you set up interactive ads online. This type of marketing tool is media-based that businesses use to promote and build brand recognition. Consumers who visit their favoured websites are targeted ads showing your kind of business are promoted on these sites.

  1. Conduct marketing or promotions

Marketing and promotions are things that should be diligently but carefully done if you want your business to make a noise. Sending out emails to target consumers or previous clients will do the trick. Carefully word the content of your emails and be mindful that you do not oversell by sending out emails too frequently.

  1. Maximise the power of social media

Promote your brand or business through various social media platforms, your connections and networks in these social media groups. Consider this as a long-term investment by fostering business partnerships with your networks.

The importance of staying in tune with the new creative/s trending in voice over and being collaborative are essential to stay in the business. If your voice-over business is just starting there are agencies which could represent your portfolio and websites that for a very minimal fee, you could access and be informed of new voice-over jobs.The ease by which making your business visible online could be translated into equivalent reduced overhead costs.

Being number one in the industry would take you some time, but little progress is better than not having any progress at all. After reading all these tips, you may conclude that the way for you voice acting business to be known is by being visible online, and by being on trend. Follow these steps and be hardworking in reading articles related to these, and who knows? Someday, people would be searching about you and read about what you did to make it to the top. Technology brought about a variety of voice acting jobs so we can also use it to promote trainings, and promote businesses that offer jobs to those who aspire to be professionals in the voice acting field.

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