Do Voice Overs Need a Marketing One Sheet?


A marketing one sheet is a single page document that provides information about a company, their product or services.

With your portfolio relying heavily on your demo reel, do you really need to create a marketing one sheet?

Marketing one sheet is a great form of marketing collateral that even voice over actors can benefit from creating one.  It is easy to distribute whether through conferences, events, or email, or even as a feature on your website. An optimized one sheet can give a client or voice seeker more information than a normal resume can give. It offers a snapshot of your experience, services and client testimonials without requiring the reader a lot of time commitment to read through. It is also an excellent way to show off your personality. It can be fun and modern, and with the colour palette matching your branding, doing away with the regular (and boring) black and white resume.

Here are some tips in creating a successful and powerful one sheet:

Set a Clear Goal

To have a strong and attractive one sheet, you need to know your goal why you are creating one. Will you use it as a sales driver? Is it to introduce yourself to the voice over community? Is it a snapshot for your website? Or will it be distributed to agents and casting directors? Knowing how you will use your one sheet can help you plan out its content.

Create a Memorable Headline

People have short attention span. It is a fact that 80% of readers never go beyond the headline unless it is enticing enough to compel them to read more. Your headline would also depend on how you will use your one sheet. To grab the attention of the reader, appeal to their emotion – it should address a problem or offer a solution.

If you have a strong tagline, go ahead and use it.

Plan Your Layout and Content

Because it is just one page, you should be mindful of what you put in your one sheet. Put down the most important information you want to share, but it should be easy to read and not packed with unnecessary details. Make sure the focus will be on your main selling points – your experience and testimonials.

Professional yet Personal

Like the quality of your voice over recordings, any marketing collateral you distribute or use should be professional. A sloppy one sheet would reflect poorly on the quality of your work. And as you are doing away with the boring black and white document, inject your personality to it – make it fun, modern and interesting. Show off your brand with the colours, font styles, graphic and layout. Engage a professional designer to create an attractive and balanced design.

Positive and Relevant Testimonials

Of course testimonials are self-serving as no one will include a negative feedback. But no matter how much you highlight your experience and credentials, voice seekers would still seek external validation. Including a testimonial or two will help cement trust and add credibility to your claim.

A Strong Call to Action

For whatever use your one sheet is for, the main point of creating one is to persuade the client, voice seeker, agent, etc. to take action. Guide them on what to do next by giving clear information on how to get in touch.

One sheet can help you share your voice over business by conveying your story in a concise, focused and yet attractive way. Try out this powerful marketing tool and see how it changes your engagement with the industry stakeholders.

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