Student Voice Acting Careers – How to Get Started


Students have much potential as long as they are open-minded and ready to go the extra mile. In most cases, there will be opportunities to tap into and grow career-wise, even as they study. What’s more, some of these opportunities do not have to be related to what they are learning. As long as they are willing and ready to put in the work, students have an excellent opportunity to earn and create new career paths for themselves. One of these channels is the voice acting platform. Like other online jobs, voice acting is suited for students and versatile individuals who are willing to learn and earn. But how does a student get into voice acting with no prior knowledge? Below are exciting tips for students interested in pursuing this field.

  1. Read about Voice Acting

Considering that you are new to this field, focus on getting as much information as possible. You can start by checking out royal essays and books with content around this subject. Visit the library and other online resources that you can read. The aim is to get a broad understanding of the subject even before you get into the actual voice acting world. When you know what this is, you get the confidence to try it out. Check videos of successful entrepreneurs in this field if you want to progress.

  1. Check Out Blogs and Subscribe

The idea is to keep learning and preparing before venturing into the real voice acting. Fortunately, there are several sources that you can easily access without even paying for them. Focus on blogs that talk about the areas of interest. Choose a blog that updates relevant content frequently. It is possible to keep learning essential details about video acting if you follow the right bloggers. Subscribe to these channels to ensure you get updated information through email notifications.

  1. Make it a Habit to Listen to Podcasts

One of the easiest ways to learn about voice acting is to listen to podcasts. The thing about podcasts is that you are learning from people who are already doing it. It is a direct form of learning that sticks and goes a long way to achieving results. It is more experiential learning since you get to depict styles and voice traits that you need to use when you get to the actual voice acting. You may learn about a few tricks from different people. If you do this frequently, you may give yourself a better chance to start better than new entrants.

  1. Keep up With Changes in the Sector

As long as you intend into voice acting as a career, regardless of whether you will do it as a full-time gig, freelance, or part-time gig, you must keep up with the trends happening in the sector. While books record the basics, some trends keep coming up each passing day. You do not want to come out as a clueless voice actor disconnected from the current world. Make sure to invest in channels that expose you to the current affairs in the voice-acting world. After all, you will be focusing on impressing your potential client. You risk not achieving this goal if the content you have is outdated or simply basic. Remember that clients want useful, current, and relevant content. They are likely to hire someone who has things figured out first before considering clueless but interested industry starters. Even at that, those with a bit of knowledge can expect more money than those who don’t know much.

  1. Join a Support Group

There are numerous voice-acting communities online. Suppose you are scared and unsure how to start and proceed and join such a community for support. Students need to hear other voice actors’ stories and how they progressed to be motivated and keep pushing. Fortunately, most of the voice actors are not necessarily trained in this field but are excelling. If you want to be a self-taught voice actor, then you need a support group such as an online community to keep you encouraged even when things seem to go wrong.  It may not be easy, but with time things change, and you become stronger and better. Find a group in one of the online platforms you are comfortable with and become an active participant, asking questions and seeking guidance as you learn.

Students with the desire to become voice actors should focus on learning and equipping themselves first. Once they are confident, they can then proceed to apply for jobs.

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