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How much do voice actors make

How Much Do Voice Actors Make?

It is easy to say that voice actors get paid on a per job/project basis, but it is not easy to give a definite answer as to how much. Because as much as you want to get what you’re worth, you also want to be fair and realistic.

The earnings of a voice actor varies greatly from the type of voiceover job, size of the project, your niche, your experience as a voice actor, your location, to your marketing skills. Some voice actors are worth millions. Others can make as little as $30 for a simple radio commercial in a small market. Most professional voice actors fall in between.

Setting your minimum voiceover rate

Setting Your Minimum Voiceover Rate

Voice artists being creatives are rarely shrewd entrepreneurs who are driven to work by the big figures they see ahead of them. This is commonly why some novice voice actors come across the mistake of underquoting. Because of lack of confidence and industry knowledge and thirst for the return of investment, they fail to assess the considerations in establishing their minimum rate and just accept that below fair-paying job right away.