Transparency in Budget Voice Over Talent Websites

You can find voice over talent from all ends of the spectrum online. From unionized voices to websites promising you voice recordings for as low as $50. But what’s the real cost?

If your recording is going to be used to represent your business or brand, you want it done right. Sending off your script and not knowing what you’re going to get back is certainly a risk.

Are you able to ask for re-records until your happy, or do extra charges kick in? Can you directly give the voiceover direction and feedback? And if you have technical problems do they have a support number to assist you? What’s the quality of audio you’ll end up with? Do they offer a money back guarantee?

Whilst it might appear like a good deal on the surface. You’ll likely pay for it in the long run with a piece of audio you can’t use.

Budget voice over websites have begun to appear everywhere all over the web, with deals that are just too good to be true.

Professional voice over talent with years of experience and industry knowledge would unlikely be recording for these rates. A professional voice is able to take your script and turn it into something you would hear on a national radio or TV commercial. They won’t just read from a bit of paper, but able to follow your direction and even give feedback and suggestions on what type of style could work best for your particular project.

Here at The Voice Realm, we are constantly seeing more and more clients come to us after throwing their money down the drain on some of those other ‘budget voice over sites’ offering prices too good to be true.

So before you hand over your money, be sure you’ve made the right decision. You just may never see that money again, and have an unusable file to show for it.

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