Male Voice Over Talent In High Demand Through Online Casting Site

Comparing male voice talent to female voice over talent is something that is often done when casting directors are unsure of what would best suit a certain scripts or project.

The male voice was the original and then main choice through the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. It wasn’t until the 70’s that a female voice over became more widely accepted in radio and TV commercials in the western world.

It’s only been in recent years that women have started to make their way into the movie trailer voice over industry.

It’s believed and confirmed in research over the years that the male voice conjures more authority, which is why most emergency announcements are primarily the domain of the male voice.

Female voice talent is believed by many to be more soothing and appeals to many clients looking for a nurturing or softer voice recording.

Online voice casting website The Voice Realm has released some statistics regarding the ratio of client’s preferences of a male voice over or a female voice over.

From 500 professional voice over jobs cast through the site from March 2012 through August 2012 the male voice won out with 293 recordings verse the female voice at 207. In regards to languages and dialects 87% of jobs were cast in English, the remaining 13% in other languages.

American English accounted for 81% of the English language jobs, 11% British, 7% Australian accent, and 1% New Zealand accent.

Professional child and teen voice over actors are also emerging as a new league of performers with 13 children’s jobs being cast in the past six months.

The online voice over industry is exploding with more jobs being cast through The Voice Realm week on week. Producers, Advertising and Marketing agencies along with creative’s are discovering the ease of use of the site which is making the job of casting voice over talent simple and efficient.

The Voice Realm is the only voice casting website to only feature premium and professional voice over talent. Their competitors allow any voice to join their ranks which makes the process of finding a male or female voice actor painstaking by having to sort through and vet hundreds of amateur voices that flood the sites.

Along with hundreds of voice talent available for free auditions, The Voice Realm offers superior customer support by being open longer hours and offering 24/7 email support.

Find out why the world’s most professional voice over talent are listed at The Voice Realm by visiting or

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