Which Social Media To Promote With?

This research was conducted globally and the results were published by Dave Chaffey in August of 2016.    The results are on the latest statistics of adoption and usage of users all over the world.  As evident from the results, aside from Facebook and WhatsApp – also owned by Facebook – the highest ranking social media apps are Asia Pacific platforms such as QQ, WeChat and QZone with over 600 million users.  Surprisingly, Instagram andTwitter go down the global ladder ranking at 8 and 9, while Skype is ranked at number 11 with 300 million users and Snapchat at 15 with 200 million users. 

We’ve met clients from Asia looking for North American voice over talents, some looking for British voice over talents and Australian voice over talents so if you were going to market your skills – you might consider venturing out with the Asian platforms to advertise your skills.  The advertising world is so diverse with everyone trying to reach out to global audiences hoping to cover them to consumers.  The internet has made it easy to advertise to every corner of the world and has enabled logistics to reach just about anyone out there.

The possibilities of gaining a global client base has never been so real and this is also why voice over websites like The Voice Realm have an edge – because we market to global clients and therefore employ foreign language voice over actors in numerous projects!


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