Books and Audiobooks


Printed books and their publishing companies have long since felt threatened by the arrival of digital books, ebooks and then the audio books.  Audio books have become widely popular given that the book is read to the user by a voice over narrator.  This has become ideal for working students who can ‘listen to the book’ while doing something else where as reading would require you to sit down and focus on the book.  Many would say that as focus is required of an audio book still, there is no such thing as osmosis of what one is listening to, to the brain.  While there is a grain of truth to picking up on what you listen to, one would still have to listen to the material many times before it really sinks in to the brain.

Statistics may vary widely on this as there is a push and pull on what people would prefer as far what book to read from paper, digital or  listen to in the form of an audiobook.

What books would you listen to on audio and what books would you adamantly read on print?

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