Why Improving Your Voice Over Business Can Be Simple


When it comes to innovation in the voice over industry, it’s almost automatic to think of the latest microphones, editing software, or any other new applications or programs that has helped improve voice recording.

Innovation in your voice over business does not need to be a technological advancement, or something that can impact the industry as a whole, there are ways that you can innovate or improve your business every single day.

You see, we are not just in the business of creating art with our voices, we are also in the business of serving our clients. You can start innovating by asking this simple question: “How do I serve my clients even better?”

If you are looking to serve and add more value to your clients you have to understand the basic human behaviour. Fundamentally, we are all the same. We share the same drivers that create our needs. In reality, your client is:

  • Greedy
  • Impatient
  • Lazy
  • Vain

Whoa! Hold on… isn’t it rude to call our clients that?!

To illustrate…

  • Would you prefer to have ten dollars over a million dollars? The obvious answer is no, you would take the million dollars anytime. Gee… that’s sounds greedy.
  • Would you prefer that million dollars be given today or in 12 months’ time? Definitely now.
  • Would you like me to deposit the money for you or should I give you a check to bring to the bank yourself and wait for it to clear? Cash in bank of course! See… you are impatient.
  • Would you like me to tell you how great you are and how much I value our relationship while I hand you the million dollars? A kind word won’t hurt, right? You are as vain as anybody else.

Again, basically when it comes to business people can be greedy, impatient, lazy and vain. Use these intrinsic human behaviour to create improvements and innovations to address the needs created by these drivers.

  • As people are greedy – give them more than what they expect
  • Since people are impatient – deliver as quickly as possible
  • As people are lazy – make it easier for them every time
  • And of course appeal to their vanity to make them feel good with the process

Making improvements in your voice over business and how you serve your clients better isn’t that complicated, however it isn’t necessarily easy either. You have to be creative and resourceful. You have to challenge the status quo. Break the unbroken. Be an innovator within and then you can rise above others.

What changes have you made within your voice over business in the last six months to address the ever changing needs of your clients?


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