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Things to Look for in a Good Voice Acting Website

Previously, we tackled the details on what you should be looking for when you are looking for voice actors to hire. As a client...

What Voice over Genre Fits Your Voice?

The average salary of a radio and television announcers back in 2017 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, is around $35,360, roughly $17.50 an...

Repeat Client

Voice Actor’s Secret to Getting Repeat Clients

Who would want to settle on one-time voice over projects and squeeze their source of income solely out of jobs taken by chance and with no promise of repeat? It’s sure as hell every voice actor’s business goal — to establish a strong customer relationship and make recurring clients.

Voice Actor Lose Clients

Reasons Why Voice Actors Lose Clients

Reasons as to how and why a client decides to quit a voice over talent are completely diverse. The issue can either be the client, the voice actor, external circumstances, or a combination of them altogether.

voice over client retention

Voice Actor Tip: Attempting to Win a Losing Client

Have you ever lost a VO client? We all know, it’s the moment every voice actor dreads.

Online Voiceover Market for Clients

The State of Online Voiceover Market for Clients

Back in the days of slow internet and limited online resources, you would have needed to physically go to bricks and mortar studio, battling traffic, then spend an entire day casting voice talents. That burden has come to an end in the new millennium where nearly every business has migrated to the online realm.


Why Improving Your Voice Over Business Can Be Simple

  When it comes to innovation in the voice over industry, it’s almost automatic to think of the latest microphones, editing software, or any...

The Voice Realm

6 Signs You Have a Difficult Voice Seeker

How we wish that all voice over projects are perfect from start to finish, but unfortunately voice over talents would at least experience once...


How to Ask Your Voice Over Clients to Leave a Review

Your voice over business is a service business, and like any service business it can generate more opportunities through ratings and reviews. A study...