YouTube, Ads, and Voice Overs

Voice over talents don’t always get credit for their work and we know it would really be nice if all of our voice over work would be allowed for us to show case on our own websites, use as demos, and if we could set up a YouTube channel to market our voice over skills.

For voice over artists and advertisers alike, YouTube is a very healthy place to put up an ad with or set up a demo channel on which can be hooked up to your personal websites to draw in more visitors.  Online marketing has exploded so much and has resulted to billions of dollars for so many businesses because of the ability to reach thousands of customers.

Looking at YouTube’s statistics, the numbers are amazing.  People can do so many things with YouTube these days and it has become a rich source of entertainment for viewers as well – despite the ads.  These ads mean projects for voice over actors – perhaps 3 out of 5 booked projects will have an end product that will be aired on YouTube either in a company channel or broadcast as an ad.  Everyone is trying to get their share of audiences from the billions of YouTube users.

As far as artists go, such as voice actors, it is an avenue to show off your skills in voice over and even production.  Video hosting through YouTube is not a bad idea as it can help draw people to your personal websites and increase your visibility.  

Does anyone have YouTube channel they want to share?



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