Voice Realm Reviews – A Comparison of Voice Over Rates from June 2015

Here at The Voice Realm, we love data! We love comparing things. We love seeing what works and what doesn’t.

We also pride ourself on being transparent and when needed, clarifying and correcting comments people make. It is important to allow someone to make an informed decision, both sides of the story need to be heard.

In a recent LinkedIn forum, and some feedback we received from a small number of talent in a recent survey we did, said that our rates are too low.

With more actors online than ever before competing for the same jobs, it’s inevitable that the industry is going to change.



So rather than argue the point that the voice over industry has changed from what it was even 5 years ago, let’s get straight into some real data.

Below we will list jobs being cast on another website, and then list what the job would pay on our site.

  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: As an example, even if a client lists their budget as $200 for a particular job at the other website, there is nothing from stopping someone bidding $100 and being awarded the job. This cannot happen at The Voice Realm as rates are set.
  • We will also leave out any castings that had a budget set as TBD (To Be Defined) for obvious reasons.
  • We have only listed castings that were in US Dollars and required one voice.
  • The site which had the higher rate is in bold.
50 Minute Training Video – Non Broadcast (Internal)
Other Website – $300 The Voice Realm – $685
An Online Video – 164 words
Other Website – $150 The Voice Realm – $185
An Online Radio Spot – 30 secs
Other Website – $150 The Voice Realm – $175
Local 30 second Radio Spot
Other Website – $150 The Voice Realm – $175
110 second video for Internet. Need to hit timings in the script.
Other website – $300 The Voice Realm – $215
5 word short recording – Non Broadcast
Other Website – $100 The Voice Realm – $115
421 word script for Internet Usage
Other Website – $150 The Voice Realm – $250
Hotel Phone System – 3 Minutes
Other Website – $120 to $150 The Voice Realm – $200
60 second recording for Internet Usage
Other Website – $250 The Voice Realm – $140
Local Radio Spot – 30 seconds
Other Website – $175 The Voice Realm – $175
Local TV Spot – 45 seconds
Other Website – $100 The Voice Realm – $175


The other important thing to note is that to be able to audition on each site there is listing fee and/or commissions. These need to be taken into consideration.

The Voice Realm has created an online voice over casting website different to other sites. We have the talents interest in mind, to provide fair rates through a system that makes it easy to audition, get hired and get paid promptly. You can read more through interviews with some of our talent here on the blog:






The majority of our bookings are done via Private Auditions. Why? Because other websites allow anyone to join. So this creates an arduous task for the client to have to sort through thousands of amateur profiles. We only list professional voice actors, so it’s easier for them to listen to demos, find a voice they like and send a private audition then book the job.

Clients in the past two weeks include: Durex, Pepsi, Marc Jacobs, Dunkin Donuts, United Airlines, BoneFish Grill, Coffee-Mate, Taco Bell, Hyundai and more.

Hopefully this article helps you make an informed decision about which voice over website works best for your marketing mix.

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