Becoming a Successful Voice over Talent Through the Internet

Internet has become a platform to market many businesses. Almost everyone on earth has access to the Internet, making it easier for people. With the intent of reaching as many customers as possible, many businesses have jumped on the Internet bandwagon. Freelancers such as photographers, web designers, consultation experts, clerks, customer service, and voiceover talents have all gone on the Internet, too, this time to reach as many clients as possible and get more job opportunities. 

One would find many tips online on how to make their online business successful. Articles on how to reach as many customers as possible, and how to get as many clients as possible to hire you are available online, and you can read them for free. Truly, the Internet has opened doors of opportunities, it’s up to you to take advantage of these. One of the professionals who are utilizing the ease of access and ease of being marketed through the Internet are the voice actors. Most voiceover talents – amateurs and experienced ones know the basics: Put up a website where potential clients can ‘get to know you,’ read about your previous work, and listen to your demos. Expand your network by joining voiceover websites and voiceover groups. Have active social media accounts to engage potential business.

Even though the Internet is very much useful and easy to use, many people still fail when it comes to utilizing its amazing services. Voice over actors, who basically know how to start cannot seem to know how to keep their businesses going. How do we become successful in using the Internet as a means of marketing our brands? In this case, how does a voice actor talent be successful in using the Internet to market his voice over abilities?

BE RESPONSIVE. Yep, you may have written everything on your website, say your email or your phone number but you never respond to people’s queries. Nonsense, right?There is no point to putting up a website and setting up profiles when you are not reachable. Clients who try to get a hold of you if only to ask for rates, ask for a demo, etc – are clients who already have one foot on the door, they are already potential clients who need a little sweet talk in to closing a deal with you. Reel them in by being responsive. You are the one looking for a job, they are looking for someone to hire. Even if you are not available when they need you, prospects want to see you have a solution to their problem and that you offer multiple choices for them to engage. For example, let them know when you will be back and ask if they are willing to extend their deadline.

ALWAYS UPDATE YOUR CALENDAR. Make sure to mark off dates when you know you won’t be available for other projects or when you are on vacation. Set up vacation email responders as well that let those who are trying to reach you know that you are away and when you will be back.

SETUP A VOICEMAIL ACCOUNT, a contact form, or a valid email address where people can reach you at and check them regularly. One of the first things you should do in the beginning of the day is  – check your VM, your email, and the accounts you are signed up with to see if there are any messages, audition invites, and better yet, paid bookings. 

RESPOND TO PEOPLE. Get back with those who have been looking for you. Calling them or emailing them back won’t take a day. Respond to them even if you know you’re already late or it’s past the deadline. Offer a simple explanation. It demonstrates that you are a professional and that you are interested in doing business, it’s just that something came up. Clients get it, they know that but you should let them know, and of course, don’t let it happen too often – there are other voiceover talents out there, they might have chosen you first but there’s no stopping them from looking for another one who can deliver and is reliable.

UPDATE. Sometimes, demos need to be updated. You can also benefit from regularly updating your social media accounts like posting on what your new project is about, and new tips and practices that you’ve learned.  Narrate your experiences in your own voiceover blog.  Remember, there are a lot of voice talents trying to reach the same clients you are.

Simple, small things yet when constantly practiced, it can make an impact on your online presence and reputation as a professional voiceover talent. Do you think these tips would strengthen one’s online presence? 

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